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I was cottom candy garnet at ACEN this year!!!
[ Fancy lapis is @tricksterkarkat on ig
Lapis is@neoncaffine on ig
Peridot is@outertea on ig
Steven is@sogaytrashdad on ig ]
If you have any photos I’d love to see them~

News - Tubi TV has added Fancy Lala to their free streaming catalog! If you’re a fan of Studio Pierrot’s Creamy Mami or Magical Emi, then Fancy Lala is definitely worth trying out as it’s yet another Studio Pierrot magical girl series with character designs by the iconic Akemi Takada. I’ve added the direct link to my Master Post of official anime streams here!

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So, I have this amazing girlfriend, and I want to get her a gift. She's sweet, tomboyish, and really into anime (nowhere near a Renge level, though). What should I get?

Haruhi:  Food.  Food is always a good option.  I suggest Fancy Tuna, but it’s really up to you.  

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Honey:  If she happens to have an allergy to seafood, your backup should be cake!  

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Kyoya:  You could also get her an anime-specific T-shirt if you think she would like that.  Unfortunately, without knowing the lady, the level of your relationship, or your budget, I’m afraid this is just guess work.  

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Tamaki:  Mother, I’m surprised at you!  Why not combine all those things and create an evening she’ll never forget!  Give her a gift bag with some anime merchandise and then take her out to a lovely dinner featuring fancy tuna and cake for dessert!  Also bring flowers.  Ladies love flowers.  

Twins:  Huh.  That just might work, boss.

Mori:  Mmm.  

Tamaki:  Of course it’ll work!  I’m not a king for nothing!

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I like this more than any of the other gestures of affection that happen between them - the dramatic and sporadic reunion hugs and whatnot - because it’s a very natural, unselfconscious gesture. Mokuba stays up and sticks around to keep his big brother company while he strategizes over Duel Monsters. When he falls asleep, Seto blankets him with his coat.

(Maybe Mokuba tried to engage him in conversation about the day’s events - what did you think of the other duels, are you ready for tomorrow - but Seto’s so absorbed in the God Card that he gives brief, distant answers, and Mokuba settles for just watching him fiddle with scenarios and combos. A silence falls, long and cool. The ship lights go off. The only sounds are the faint hum of the engines and the subtle clicks of keys. Seto glances over to see Mokuba slumped over, fast asleep, breathing softly. He gets out of his chair, shrugs off his coat, and drapes it on Mokuba with studious care, trying not to wake him up. And then he gets back to work: there’s a tournament to win.)

LIKE…. even when Seto stays up late to obsess over God Cards he’s still taking care of his little brother; even when his big brother is wrapped up in strategies and card games Mokuba is still there for Seto. Also, it’s a scene so removed from the usual plot drama (brainwashing!! kidnapping!! forced flashbacks to their traumatic childhoods!!!) that by the power of headcanon I kind of take it as a nice indication of how they normally interact when they’re alone together. Small, unspoken gestures of affection. Who said they were allowed to be this cute.