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sorry the answer i sent got cut off but kojirou's profile implies that he sees himself as evil. and in the nasuverse, characters' views on themselves can influence their actual alignment.

Oooooohhhhhhhhhh. Now everything makes sense. If the sense of self of each Erei or Wraith (in Sasaki Kojiro’s case) is factored in, the alignment of every one that was successfully summoned as a Servant I’m familiar with makes sense. Many thanks @officialtokyosan! My head is no longer in danger of imminent explosion. 👍

Now if only someone could explain why Enjou Tomoe’s origin is “worthless” rather than “low self-worth.”  *slowly turning head towards @ronriii*

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Hello! Can you do "CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ANALYSIS" but SHARRKAN! I'm interesing about your opinion about this character. I like read you analysis and thoughts about magi :)


I’ve already said “yes,” to an opinion meme, so you can look forward to that one soon. I know you meant to correct yourself with “character opinion meme” in your second submission, but heck, why not? I’ll do an ATF of Sharrkan, too.

I’m on a “Are They Flat” Character Development Analysis spree with other franchises atm, and Sharrkan is one of the few Magi/SnB characters I think I can write about without breaking my own heart (Ja’far) or having a rage stroke over Shinobu Ohtaka’s treatment of female characters.

So in addition to the opinion meme I’ll be queuing up this weekend, you can look forward an ATF meme about the Snake Dork Kingand maybe Ja’far sometime in the future.

I’m writing about Shusei Kagari, an even more heartbreaking character from Psycho Pass, so I think I finally stand a chance at sob-writing my way through Ja’far’s analyses as well. If I lump all the soul crushing characters together at once, I might finally stand a chance. 

Again, it might be a while as there are many many MANY other projects ahead of him in line, it would be nice to start writing about the Sindria family again. Have a Sharr Snake hug to tide you over while you wait. 

It really has been a while since I’ve written about Sharrkan…

Thank you very much for the compliment by the way. 😶

@ non-English speaking Ososan fandom

Imagine Osomatsu-san dubbed in your country’s language

How would that turn out

The Bad Kind of Gay
The Bad Kind of Gay

Sometimes, a father wants to connect with his son. It doesn’t always work. This time, it’s about the shows his son watches.

Background audio is from Tray Hard Videos - Azumadden Daeiou. The song is Soramimi Cake.

If you wish to use my work, go for it. Just let me know so I can see what you’ve created.

Black Sea

A/N: The first half was written by @ghikij This is our attempt to sorta rationalize how a DiaKanan scene would go based on their characters, since we don’t have any canon scenario to base their interaction off of lmao.
Note: This blip took place in ep7, like a behind-the-scenes sort of story
Words: 3,532
Characters: Kurosawa Dia, Matsuura Kanan

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No problem,nonnie! Keep an eye out for Sharr in this weekend’s queue. I’m going to tag  @ autorita here as they also requested a meme for my beloved snake dork king. 

 FYI for other fandoms, I also have an anon request for Roberta from Black Lagoon I’ll be posting this weekend as well. I’ll also be throwing opinion memes for Shishio Makoto and Yumi Katagiri in the mix as well for @rkdiscussions.

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Hi! Where can I read Rukh Villain Theory ? (Magi)

The Rukh Villain Theory is still in the works and will be posted here on @miyamanga. However, There are some installments of The Sindria Effect series (an examination of what the destruction of Sindria 1.0 will mean for Sinbad’s characterization) that speak directly to the Rukh Villain Theory. 

I posted them about a month ago on @sindria-no-bouken.  Thank you for reminding me! Some of the links to them don’t work anymore because my URL used to be @sinbad-devotionals, so I had to go back and fix them all just now.

Anyway, I’ll repost the essays that directly relate to the Rukh Villain Theory on @miyamanga for now. There will also be a series of short Rukh Villain Theory posts involving Ren Kouha, Leraje, and a few other rebellious djinns today.

Mamoru on Tumblr
  • MC: "You should start a Tumblr, Mamoru! Then we can follow each other!"
  • Mamoru: "Ah, what a pain. Sounds like too much work."
  • MC: "Really? You don't even have to post regularly. Literally all you have to do is make an account and press the follow botton."
  • Mamoru: "Geez, woman! Stop naggin' me and I'll make a darn Tumblin' account."
  • MC: "It's Tumblr."
  • Mamoru: "That's what I said."
  • (Several days later...)
  • Baba: *laughing* "This is great!"
  • Ota: "If I'd known you were this funny, I would've followed you ages ago!"
  • Hishikura: "You appear to have a talent for social media."
  • Hikaru: "Oh my goodness, look how dumb MC looks in this picture!" *laughs hysterically*
  • Luke: "Her bone structure is exquisite."
  • MC: *bursts into the room* "Mamoru!"
  • Mamoru: "Huh?"
  • MC: "Stop posting embarrassing pictures of me on Tumblr!"
  • Luke: "I think they're sexy."
  • MC: *shivers*
  • Baba: "Lu's creepy opinion aside, they're cute, MC. You have nothing to worry about."
  • MC: *blushes* "Really?"
  • Mamoru: "That's it! I'm deleting this stupid thing!"
  • Soryu: *giggles*
  • Mamoru: *angrily tapping his phone* "!? Why isn't the delete button workin'!?"
  • Hikaru & Soryu: *high five*
  • Soryu: "You are a talented hacker."
  • Hikaru: "Oh please. The credit goes to you; it was your brilliant idea."
  • Baba: "I sense a bromance brewing..."
  • Ota: "OMG! Look what they did to Kishi's account!" *shows Baba the phone while laughing hysterically*
  • Baba: *rolling on the floor laughing*
  • Mamoru: *looks at his phone* "!!!! Where did you get those pictures of me!?!?!?"
  • MC: "Awww, look! That's when you hit your head on the stairs and your personality changed."
  • Eisuke: "There's a video. What luck."
  • Hishikura: "You are the police."
  • Mamoru: "Shhhhh."