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So in light of all the crazy shit that happened to Akechi cosplayers at AWA this past weekend, I think it’s about time we all sit down as a fandom and have a serious talk. I’m not here to preach at you or tell you why bullying cosplayers is wrong. This is shit you should already know. What I would like to do is just sort of… raise awareness, I guess; remind everyone that if you see an Akechi cosplayer being harassed, you’re not powerless. You can help. All it takes is one person coming to somebody’s aid to change the outcome of these types of scenarios. Tell the asshole in question to fuck off or, if assault in involved, call the police. Because yes, we’ve gotten to that point in fandom now where legal action can (and should) be taken. Personal feelings about Akechi aside, we’re all human beings and we all love the same thing. This shouldn’t be guerilla-fucking-warfare. It’s a videogame. Goro Akechi’s a fictional character.

Spread this shit like wildfire, guys. Because this isn’t exclusive to this fandom, either. It’s becoming a serious problem.

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Black ★ Star Training ROUTINE | Soul Eater Tough Like The Toonz: EP 30

Black ★ Star, the cocky meister of the spooky Anime Soul Eater that can back up words with insane feats of strength and power. 

One of my personal favorite characters and since Soul Eater is the perfect Anime for October 

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I had to workout routine for the Man who will surpass God!


Mm she’s standing right behind me isn’t she.

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