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Zelda: First Draft

With all the scrambling, I got Zelda about 85% complete in time for the Masquerade and Dani’s memorial on Saturday. I still have quite a bit of work to do (I need to make some alterations to the dress, remake the armor, and add the missing embroidery), but it was wearable by the deadline, which was the important thing!

I didn’t really have time to take photos between dressing and the Masquerade, so here’s the one picture I have. Even though Mark dressed as Twilight Princess Link to match me, we didn’t get any photos with the two of us together! Oh, well. Next con.


Cosplay photos from Acen!!! Im keith and drifloon, @nyallipop is pidge and shiny pumpkaboo!
We didnt take many photos of ourselves, but we were at the friday pokemon shoot and the saturday voltron shoot (though we were a bit late to that one, and i missed the keith call because i panicked)


The final ACEN dump.

It was a good year, and a lot of good cosplays, but a little too much of the same. Makes for a nice metric for what’s popular, but at the same time, seeing the same character 15 times does make photography a little dull.

That said? Love you nerds. I’ll see you again next year!