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Yuri On Ice + Background Music

Because I don’t see people talking about it enough

I just noticed that the BGM in this scene 

Which I’m sure you all remember


This beautiful moment

By the way if you’ve forgotten the music, it’s a very cute melody and I’m linking a sample of it here for your listening pleasure

What does this mean? Well, it just makes Yuri!!! On Ice that much cleverer, using the same music at two incredibly important developments in Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship, as well as Yuuri’s character itself. It showcases a contrast in meaning. Establishing a certain musical theme, and then coming back to it later, is a well known tactic that is very often used by filmmakers etc. (an example being Pixar) to create more emotion, and YOI does it brilliantly here

Oh, and the best part? Towards the end of the song, the cutesy melody stops and alters a little part, during this exact moment

And also this moment

I swear to god, the implications of this… the ‘Yuuri buying the rings’ scene just became a whole lot more feels worthy 

YOI staff, I bow down before thee


here are the anime trash cards i made! 

i don’t even know wtf “‘hon hon my baguette” is supposed to mean i just thought of it and threw shit together

happy v-day my children and have fun weaboo-ing ur valentine’s up

Someone please talk to me about the Romeo X Juliet anime

This. Fucking. Anime. With its clever as shit Shakespeare references, and puppy dog Romeo, and sexy anime boy Tybalt, and DRAGON STEEDS. 

And Juliet. Juliet Princess Capulet of my heart.

Dressing up and being a damn superhero

Raising a rebellion to help the common people.

Being a god damn warrior princess in incredibly practical and historically accurate-ish armor. (Historically accurate-ish non-objectifying armor. In an anime that has magic trees and dragon horses. These are my priorities.) 

Like…Romeo and Juliet is only a so-so play for me, honestly. Because Romeo and Juliet hardly know each other, and they aren’t well developed outside of their instant rush romance, and they have no real responsibilities so like- just run the fuck away with each other. Don’t try and play dead, this is a bad plan.

And this anime. THIS ANIME just takes all those complaints and sets them on fire and is like “Epic romance and political intrigue and weird magic Miyazaki trees and a rebellion FOR THE PEOPLE with Juliet Princess of MY HEART at the helm and just for fun, how many Shakespeare references can you find?” 


Thank you.

  • Princess Arete | Studio 4°C, dir. Sunao Katabuchi

Princess Arete lives a solitary life in a castle tower, occasionally sneaking out for glimpses at the outside world. Suitors from across her father’s kingdom bring treasures to win her favor, and Arete grows up without ever being truly free. Her isolation only grows worse when she is enchanted and whisked away by the wizard Boax…

r u an idealistic “my hair turned white in a traumatic incident” anime boy or a clever “I was born w white hair and am morally ambiguous” anime boy

I saw this beautiful movie the other night; and Wow.

It’s almost 15 years old- but I’d never even heard of it. It was clever and visually` catching, it kept me wondering where the story was going and every now and then I was blown away by a clever twist.
 Princess Arete is one of japan’s most successful and insightful feminist works and based on Diana Coles’ short story- The Clever Princess, but I can find little to no info or fandom for it. So bizarre!

If you enjoy beautiful Anime, dynamic character development, or an unexpected take on fairy tales; you should totally look this up on your Netflix.

My friend printed me out a black and white picture of Yandere-Chan, Osana and Midori for me at college today because I was bored. After I finished colouring it in, I asked my friends who know nothing about Anime, not speaking Yandere Simulator if they could guess who the “evil” one was. Two of my friends said Osana because she looked mad, (girl on the left). My other friend said the girl in the middle (he’s right, she’s Yandere-chan). He said her because Yandere-chan looks too innocent.
I actually found this really interesting because it shows how different people judge things and what they pinpoint. My two friends focused on Osana’s obvious appearance/mood while my guy friend thought that Osana was too obvious to be “evil” because of the appearance/mood. I don’t know, I just really like how people think. 😂

hey, are you a Black cosplayer planning on attending Anime NEXT ‘15????

because if so, i’m looking for you!!!!

I am looking for Black cosplayers who are attending Anime NEXT 2015. The plan is to do a cosplay video featuring ONLY Black cosplayers dancing/struttin’ to Beyonce’s 7/11

My plan is for it to be a loose recreation of the video (linked above), not a shot-by-shot, so no choreography needs to be learned. The only requirements to be involved are to be in cosplay, to be willing to dance (any kind of dancing will do, as long as you look like you’re having fun lol), and be Black! (mad simple right? lolol)

SOOOOOO If you’re planning to hit up Anime NEXT and this sounds like fun to you, please fill out this Google form with your contact information, and I’ll be reaching out to you with more details! 

If you have any general questions, they can be sent to my email, Feel free to also shoot me an ask (but not on anon so I can answer you back privately.) Once we get closer to the day I’ll be posting frequent updates here, so keep an eye out.

and if you can’t make it to ANEXT, or aren’t someone who dances, but still wants this to be a thing, do us a favor and reblog and share~!!! :>

thanks so much uglsakfsdjskdl;fjrweljq;lw