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Yuri On Ice + Background Music

Because I don’t see people talking about it enough

I just noticed that the BGM in this scene 

Which I’m sure you all remember


This beautiful moment

By the way if you’ve forgotten the music, it’s a very cute melody and I’m linking a sample of it here for your listening pleasure

What does this mean? Well, it just makes Yuri!!! On Ice that much cleverer, using the same music at two incredibly important developments in Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship, as well as Yuuri’s character itself. It showcases a contrast in meaning. Establishing a certain musical theme, and then coming back to it later, is a well known tactic that is very often used by filmmakers etc. (an example being Pixar) to create more emotion, and YOI does it brilliantly here

Oh, and the best part? Towards the end of the song, the cutesy melody stops and alters a little part, during this exact moment

And also this moment

I swear to god, the implications of this… the ‘Yuuri buying the rings’ scene just became a whole lot more feels worthy 

YOI staff, I bow down before thee


here are the anime trash cards i made! 

i don’t even know wtf “‘hon hon my baguette” is supposed to mean i just thought of it and threw shit together

happy v-day my children and have fun weaboo-ing ur valentine’s up

YURIO in Yuri on Ice Ep. 12 - Interpretation/Analysis

In my personal opinion, I believe Yuri on Ice made suggestions towards my Yurio crush theory (1, 2), but if you prefer to think of it as just admiration, that’s fine. Either way, it’s a beautiful turn of events. I’m going to take apart the scenes from Episode 12 and explain how I interpret them.

This episode really hit me in the feels and I loved it. So far I’ve seen a lot of positive responses to it, but I have also seen people who are unhappy with Yurio’s part in it. If you are one of those people, I’d suggest reading this post or my post about Yurio’s past, as I think they help people get a new perspective on him.


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modstins-personal-stuff  asked:

Can I just say Kappa Mikey's premise is actually the best part of the show, I think the idea of an American Cartoon having to exist within an Anime is a super clever idea (At least when the line was less blurred in the early 2000's) and if it wasn't complete shit (ESPECIALLY IN THE ANIMATION DEPARTMENT) it would've been a classic

oh for sure.

the problem is that the 2006 audience that would have been able to appreciate that idea wasnt big enough to warrant a bigger budget, so it was executed kinda poorly.

the way it turned out, it’s like johnny test but more racist.

  • Princess Arete | Studio 4°C, dir. Sunao Katabuchi

Princess Arete lives a solitary life in a castle tower, occasionally sneaking out for glimpses at the outside world. Suitors from across her father’s kingdom bring treasures to win her favor, and Arete grows up without ever being truly free. Her isolation only grows worse when she is enchanted and whisked away by the wizard Boax…

good morning, students of akademi high! please welcome our newest student, AYANO AISHI. she is from the video game LOVE SICK / YANDERE SIMULATOR, and has a private, indie, crossover friendly rp blog! please, give this post a like or preferably a reblog if you’d like to interact with her! thank you for your time, please work hard in your studies!…

This is Mod S! I’ve got two similar headcanons that I’ll be answering in one post. I’m glad to see so many people enjoy the idea of an active and courageous heroine; it’s an idea that I support. C: 

So I’ll be doing Code: Realize Guys with a Femme Fatale Partner. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if this needs anything else. 

Arsene Lupin: Lupin would appreciate his partner’s willingness to protect him as well as his passion for justice. He’d be a little disappointed that he doesn’t get to rush in and save the day, though. Lupin wants to be a hero to his significant other. They might make arrangements so that he can rescue her and vice versa. Other than that, he’d adore his partner’s ability to help him come up with escape plans for his heists. Sometimes he’d even steal some one-liners from her.  

Abraham Van Helsing: Van would really like the fact that his partner would be able to defend themselves. He’d feel a bit less pressure to keep them safe; he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to the person he loves most. However, because of their blunt personalities, it would be easy for them to argue about things. They’ll both have to learn some patience and be willing to forgive each other if they end up quarreling. But it won’t be a problem if they are dedicated. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey loves tough women, so his partner being a femme fatale would delight him. He wouldn’t have to fight or worry about too much; he could just build his cannon to the moon and be a cute trophy husband. However, Impey needs some emotional connections, so if his partner ends up being too aloof, he might feel a bit neglected and/or taken for granted. His partner has to learn to let down her shell around him to help him out, too. 

Victor Frankenstein: Also docile by nature, Victor would enjoy the contrast in his partner. He would enjoy being a balm to them and helping bring them peace. Likewise, she will enjoy standing up for him, supporting him and keeping him safe. The only thing Victor might get frustrated with would be if his partner didn’t do enough to take care of her health. He would scold her frequently; sometimes he would even force her to go to the doctor or treat her wounds. 

Saint Germain: Saint G would learn to appreciate his partner’s brash nature, and he would love her ability to turn a phrase. The two would never have to worry about a lack of conversation or about the other losing interest in them. There’s enough excitement to keep it constantly fresh. Saint G would have to remind his partner not to get too involved in his past though; her desire to fix his Idea problems would be a point of contention between them. 

Someone please talk to me about the Romeo X Juliet anime

This. Fucking. Anime. With its clever as shit Shakespeare references, and puppy dog Romeo, and sexy anime boy Tybalt, and DRAGON STEEDS. 

And Juliet. Juliet Princess Capulet of my heart.

Dressing up and being a damn superhero

Raising a rebellion to help the common people.

Being a god damn warrior princess in incredibly practical and historically accurate-ish armor. (Historically accurate-ish non-objectifying armor. In an anime that has magic trees and dragon horses. These are my priorities.) 

Like…Romeo and Juliet is only a so-so play for me, honestly. Because Romeo and Juliet hardly know each other, and they aren’t well developed outside of their instant rush romance, and they have no real responsibilities so like- just run the fuck away with each other. Don’t try and play dead, this is a bad plan.

And this anime. THIS ANIME just takes all those complaints and sets them on fire and is like “Epic romance and political intrigue and weird magic Miyazaki trees and a rebellion FOR THE PEOPLE with Juliet Princess of MY HEART at the helm and just for fun, how many Shakespeare references can you find?” 


Thank you.