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Hey khiwatari-san.. I'm kinda follow yr updates in twitter and it seems that u're busy with works. Thanks so much for translating axk and still didn't give up till now. Love u so much!! ;) and is there any other anime/manga that u have been following right now?? I've already watch what youtube had recommended me :\

Yes, work is very busy lately, actually, it has been busy since mid 2016… and sorry for making everyone bored with my rants on Twitter.  Since twitter is so convenient and usually it is the only app that works when my phone internet signal is weak I always spam on Twitter XD  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEARING WITH MY RANTS!!

I have not been following too many anime/manga lately for obvious reasons stated above. There isn’t anything this season that caught my eye immediately like AxK and BSD~

For anime, I am following:

1. Boku no Hero Academia

2. Clockwork Planet- recently got into this because it’s the same author as No Game No Life, but I like the latter better 8D

And for manga, I just finished reading “Akuma ni Chic x Hack” by Tanemura Arina-sensei. I think her works are the only shoujo I am reading right now and everything else I read is shounen XD (I own every manga of hers except “Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi” and going to buy the two volumes of Akuma ni Chic x Hack later~)

Manga I am following are Aoharu x Kikanjuu (obviously), Bungo Stray Dogs (obviously), Boku no Hero Academia.

Some series I am following the light novel instead of the manga version, including Sword Art Online and No Game No Life~

Following Spree!

New blog, dead dash, and desperately need to find people to follow! If you post any of these, or have a blog dedicated to anything specifically on this list, like and/or reblog this post to let me know. Even if you have none of this stuff feel free to like the post anyway and I’ll check you out, chances are I’ll end up following you . Favorite things will be bolded:

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There’s probably a lot more I’d want to list, but these are the ones that pop up instantly. AAAAAAAAAND… GO!

Victor Nikiforov: He loves his dog, his career, and the man who he flew across half the world with his dick out for.

The colors of this bath bomb are meant to represent Victor’s ice skating outfit. My partner thought that peppermint would be fitting for Victor’s bath bomb and really wanted me to chose it so I did.

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