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i hate to ask but...

can you like/reblog this if you post the following:
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-you ship pricefield
-any nsfw things // 18+ things
- ( lowkey okay if you post a bit of those things just not a lot!!)
-please no nsfw things though !!

check hashtags for specific shows // items!!

“B U T N O B O D Y C A M E”

This started as a lying on the floor feeling like garbage thing UNTILL Chara stepped in…..

(Not included: Asgore off screen wondering what the hell happened to his subjects)

Please if you were apart of this photo/ took this photo, tag yourself and I will edit it in!!

Undyne: myself
Alphys: @passioncosplay


I love you, Amu-chan. I’m going to repeat it every day. As often as I can. Enough to make up for the days before I even met you.