anime boston prints


HI GUYS! me and Kecky will be at Anime Boston this Friday to Sunday!

We’re at table 130!! Come and see us because we’re sooo cooooooool. This will be the first con in which I’m selling my hand screen printed stuf! Including the EVA tote and the Yuno Gasai tote. They’re a limited run, so get them before they’re gone! (  They are conveniently the perfect size for carrying around prints too ;-0  ) See you guys there~!



Sorry this is a little late coming (my final prints just arrived today!!)

I’ll be at Anime Boston on Sunday only so if you’re there please come say hi to me!! I’d love to talk to you~ 

I really like how my prints came out this year (the beetle one turned out great but I haven’t posted it on here yet!). I ended up printing the spaceboys as one print :> I’ll also be selling A Boy and His Demon at the convention! I ended up getting it larger than I originally expected because small you couldn’t see the details very well! I had to print less of them because of that, so if you want one make sure you come by! The first ten people will also get a free postcard of one of the illustrations~

I also have a (very limited) amount of moleskines that I drew covers on and tons of postcards!

I’m so excited to meet people!! I had a blast at Sakuracon last year meeting people and I hope Anime Boston is the same!