anime attack

hello and welcome to the snk fandom, where the ships go to war and the deaths don’t matter

I’m selling a couple Anime figures!

Please reblog this if you can’t afford! I also do holds for potential buyers! I only accept Paypal as my paying option! Everything is in perfect condition! These are the prices WITHOUT shipping. Buyers need to handle the shipping themselves! I also bundle things with a $5 discount if buying more than one item!

Everything is authentic!


Megurine Luka: 80 USD

ARTFX Levi (Attack on Titan): 80 USD

ARTFX Eren (Attack on Titan): 80 USD

Ganondorf: 90 USD

Nintendo Collector’s Edition Skull Kid: 30 USD

Armin Arlert, BRAVE-ACT (Attack on Titan): 80 USD


Skyward Sword Link: 50 USD

ALBW Deluxe Edition Link: 60 USD


Fate Stay/Night Archer: 40 USD

If you want pics, simply ask for them and I will provide!