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Morning Sketch! ^_^ 

Decided to draw my soft boi Kurapika holding extra soft lovie Woble to chase away the Hiatus blues. Enjoy!


It’s the last day of Calgary Expo! 😲 What a weekend! 😆 If you’re looking to stop by and see me before the con is over I’ll be at my booth X3-4 all day!🙋❤ I love seeing everyone and getting to chat so stop by and say hi! 🤗 I still have lots of goodies at my booth too like these Farlena prints! 🦋🌈💕 Come check it out and pick something up before it’s gone! 😉 Have a great morning cuties! Hugs! 😙💞

I had a such a great time earlier at my Pop Manga Coloring book panel! 😊💕 It was a blast coloring with you peeps! 😆🖍❤ But if you enjoyed my coloring book, please stop by my booth X3-4 and check out the other great books I have with me at Calgary Expo! 📚✨ I have my “Tanpopo” graphic novel volume 1 & 2, How to Draw “Pop Manga”, How to Paint “Pop Painting”, and my art book “Rainbow Children”! ❤📖 There’s a little bit of everything, so feel free to come by and flip through them! ☺ And I’m doing a convention special! If you buy two or more, I’ll do a FREE sketch in one of them! 😁 Have a great rest of your evening! 🤓 Hugs! 💖💖💖


Commissions! (Emergency rn)

Hey guys, here’s the formal commission sheet! Wanted to put it out asap, as I’m currently having a minor financial crisis. I really need to make 100$ quick, and I don’t have time to wait and apply to jobs around me and I’m a student still in high school, with not a lot of money. I’m hoping that doing commissions can get me there quickly.

Even just a share would help me, and if you’re interested please send me a PM! 

I use Paypal, and am willing to draw pretty much anything atm ^^;; Thank you so much! I really really appreciate it!

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Today’s work - this is based in IlariaSTFD ‘s work - theirs is absolutely stunning and beautiful - that why I wanted to do it too - I think if you want to improve yourself you have to look up to artists who are great so you can learn from them!!