Whole cake Island’s poster is out!
Is that Sanji’s wedding suit? 😍 sure looks so to me, oh please merry me instead Sanji! Oh it’s not his wedding suit 😘 doesn’t have the same thingy around his neck…

Ichiji has Susuke’s voice!
Niji had some video game character’s voice: Ryofu Tallgeese
Yonji is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda ( I don’t watch much anime so I know him as Flagon from Attack on Titan No Regrets 😆
Reiju is Riza Hawkeye from fullmetal alchemist

I have no idea who Reiju and Niji’s voices are but I’m familiar with Ichji and Yonji's😅

That scene with Luffy vs Sanji 😢 hope the scene is as beautiful animated as it’s drawn..