I wanted to hand these out to people at the Rick and Morty Gathering but… there isn’t one at Anime Expo lol. SO INSTEAD, I’ll just hand these out to anybody who is cosplaying a Rick and Morty character. I’m a bit shy so pray that I get rid of all of these babies lol. I’d say that you can totally approach me but there’s so many people at Anime Expo lol. 

There are 20 of the C-137 “It’s Anime Expo 2017, bitches!!” and 10 of the Boku No Hero Academia-Rick and Morticia postcards. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

I’ll be at Anime Expo 2017! Just as an attendee tho. <3

Was rewatching some Rick and Morty and I just realized I never posted the finished version of this project on here! Here’s a Rick and Morty/Gravity Falls mashup I did a semester ago for an assignment— I have it up on Etsy if anyone’s interests include having a poster giving you a giant neon green middle finger. Most likely gonna be selling this at Anime Expo.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! Raf ( @rafchu ) you honestly made my day at AX2017. You guys should really watch her work cause it is beyond awesome-AND BOOBS!! WHOO!!!

I commissioned her to draw Evil Morty and Doofus Rick together and she drew it in like under 5 mins!! <3 <3 <3  The way she drew them is so freakin cute! My heart can’t take this much-I SEE DEMONS!! AH!!

I’m also glad that you enjoyed drawing them too Raf!!! I can’t belief this doodle was the first RnM doodle you’ve ever done XD Cause MWAH! This is really well done and I will definitely commission you again! Your work literally made me cry. Thank you thank you-THANK YOU!!! I hope you and Nico have a safe flight back to Paris~


i’m love you, Morty, , ,

Going to start watermarking my artwork. A few days ago I found out someone had taken one of my drawings and had it up for sale on a phone case without my permission so I’m trying to prevent that from happening again. It’s annoying and I’d much rather post the unwatermarked version but :’) I have to make money too. The unwatermarked version of this Morty is available for sale on my redbubble!


Got to meet Eugene Huang, he is one of the storyboard artists for Rick and Morty and I completely fell in love with his work!!!

Eugene, (@fukeofdlies), thank you so much for giving me the Evil Morty drawing for free!! I wish I could have chatted with you more but I was too freakin nervous to do so!! You guys have to follow him; he is a freakin cool dude guys and his work is the best!!

His traditional art has gotten my attention the most~ I love seeing sketches before the full finished version. And seeing Rick looking ever so handsome and badass in his style is the f*cking BEST!!! I hope to see Rick fight anyone who gets in his way! Can’t wait to see what your concept designs for Season 3 Eugene!!! Keep up the amazing work dude and thank you for coming to Anime Expo 2017!!!