This video reel makes me wonder how often really spectacular practical effects have been misidentified as “shitty cg” by people who like to cry about anything that doesn’t look like Harryhausen Dynamation.

Because I’m very sure I’ve heard those sort of comments directed towards a lot of the creatures showcased here when they appeared in their respective films.

donk-u  asked:

Why in the signs for babys circus world, baby is so smol and cute!

Baby is meant to be a little girl (who I presume is also meant to be like rag doll given the pins in her arms and legs), so I imagine in illustrated depictions of her in-universe they try to make her cute and appealing. Unlike the animatronic, which is 7 feet tall, and freaky looking. This is inspired by the fact that this is more or less how it works for real life child’s pizzera robots.

Like, okay, here is an official illustration of Helen Henny from Chuck E. Cheese

And here is her animatronic


Fucking animatronics.

I just wanted to show people who aren’t too familiar with these things that FNAF was actually pretty on point with the setting and the endoskeletons for the animatronics. Creepy heads laying around and all. This is all Rock-afire Explosion (unsure about the second to last image, but pretty sure). 

If you think these things look creepy online or in-game, you obviously haven’t felt the terror of watching one in person. Don’t go out of your way for that experience, holy shit.