warmsunset  asked:

while i think animatronics are the creepiest things that exist on this earth, this blog is making me appreciate them a little more because of the sheer positivity and love that surrounds the blog. you guys make animatronics seem.... friendly, even. so yh just wanted to thank u for the good work!

No problem!!! I used to have very very bad automatonophobia, and I’m glad I’ve managed to help others with theirs, even if only a little. For me, it’s all about remembering that their intentions are always good; they’re built to entertain you!

- Mod Rat


As a whole, I don’t know if Avatar Land was the best idea (especially compared to the Beastly Kingdom), but this animatronic will probably go down in Disney history!


people talk about “cursed images” and “cursed videos”

well ill tell ya this here is 50 seconds long and is one of the most cursed things ive ever seen

What would fun at a Fair be without a good Puppet Show? Well, in this set piece a Puppet Show is being led by Harry Rabbit and his juggling son Jack Rabbit. Harry is seen puppeteering a puppet of a Gypsy and Russian dancer. Other puppets seen on the rack are inspired by the likes of a Roaring 20s gal, a cowboy, a clown, an artist, a Keystone Cop and a Latin dancer. His son Jack on the other hand is seen juggling balls under the blacklight environment. This entire scene was elaborate under blacklight and was aided by a Calliope of the famed Knott’s Bear-y Tales song! Photo Courtesy Knott’s Preserved