people talk about “cursed images” and “cursed videos”

well ill tell ya this here is 50 seconds long and is one of the most cursed things ive ever seen


Remember when we said that we’d rather not post any FNAF-related stuff because they’re technically not real robots?

Heh, funny story…

-Mod Puggle

You probably wish some Anthony-Hopkins-like eccentric would hurry up and build a real Westworld for the adventure seekers and filthy perverts of today to enjoy. Well, guess what? There already was a Westworld … but it’s abandoned and falling to pieces in Japan.

Beginning in the early 1970s, the Japanese town of Tochigi has been home to Western Village, a theme park celebrating the American wild west in all of its gun-toting, manure-reeking glory. Guests of Western Village got to step back in time – which, according to its TV commercial, mainly involved shooting people and waving from train platforms.

Not unlike Westworld (which came out shortly before this park opened), Western Village was a recreation of a Western town populated by animatronic citizens vaguely resembling famous Western movie stars …’s sex doll doppelgangers.

Sadly, because no one seems to give a shit about the Western genre in the 21st Century, Western Village closed in 2007. On the bright side, nobody bothered to actually demolish it, meaning that if you can get your ass to Japan, the deserted streets of this defunct theme park are yours to roam – if you’re cool with violating trespassing laws and are for some reason longing to be the lonely Sheriff of Garbagetown.

Westworld Actually Exists In Japan (And It’s Scary As Hell)


So WOW! We have footage of the portrait bots at Pizza Time Theatre! And I don’t mean grainy home movies that last five seconds, either! I mean professional footage from a news piece!

And what’s more, it includes footage of the portrait Helen Henny! We don’t even have showtape audio of her! This is big! BIG! If you’re a fan of CEC or animatronics in general, WATCH THIS VIDEO!


Sketching a monster movie that was never seen before!

And this is one of the many production illustrations for some of the special effects sequences in John Carpenter’s THE THING (1982), the Norris-Spider head, drawn by Rob Bottin’s special makeup effects team, including concept artists: Michael G. Ploog, Gary Meyer and Mentor C. Huebner.