people talk about “cursed images” and “cursed videos”

well ill tell ya this here is 50 seconds long and is one of the most cursed things ive ever seen


So WOW! We have footage of the portrait bots at Pizza Time Theatre! And I don’t mean grainy home movies that last five seconds, either! I mean professional footage from a news piece!

And what’s more, it includes footage of the portrait Helen Henny! We don’t even have showtape audio of her! This is big! BIG! If you’re a fan of CEC or animatronics in general, WATCH THIS VIDEO!


my baby arrived! i think his name is a-loh, meaning ‘light’ or 'sun’ (he’s a boy because he’s pink, i decided). i had forgotten how tiny the babies are compared to the adults!

i am looking for fellow vintage furby owner friends so say hi if you like, i only have this baby at the moment but my dad is sending my two old adults in the post too ☺


This video features the twenty-five foot version of the anaconda animatronic. It’s amazing how realistic it is in motion.


I found these two at a junk mart in NC any idea where they’re from? The face had articulation idk about the arms. Both had plugs in the bases

Hey! Thank you for the submission @covenofcuteness. I tried looking these two up online but I can’t find anything about them. I wonder if they were in some sort of supermarket like Jungle Jim’s/ Stew Leonards because they remind me of the animatronics in those places. If anyone knows/finds out anything about them please let us know :)