He might look like a shag carpet but he is a good friend!, and to answer jour question I have to say chuck E cheese’s! there are playsets I can climb through instead of vents!

sorry for the sloppiness but I had to make it lowgrade so I don’t get scalped by goji’s foxy for drawing his woman with another man (PLUS i like how it turned out and I’m lazy ;3c), also that’s a really interesting theory! they kinda remind me of monroe and rosalee from grimm


also now this


My biggest gif dump yet!  Also probably the last feature/demo-type gifset.  The only changes I’ve made to him since the last gifset are a paint job plus a few details (gold teeth, head spaghetti things), but this is a more thorough demonstration.

Copy-pasting the feature list from the other post:

Automatic stuff:
* blinks at random intervals
* right eye flickers and turns off when patch is lowered
* looks toward sounds (eyes widen if sound is loud)
* reacts to nose boops (+squeaker)
* patch raises and eyes widen when scream sound plays

Controlled stuff:
* manual blink button
* dial to swivel eyes
* toggle switch to raise and lower eye patch
* play button for the pirate song
* play button for scream

Flash back twenty years.  A full party room.  Shiny robots shambling around, in full repair, bright lights, children laughing and playing.  Everyone, everyone is having a joyous time except for one little girl.  Sitting alone and dejected by the one curtained-off stage.  It’s her sister’s birthday party, and everyone is having a good time but her.  

“Ye have the face of a lass who needs more than a slice of pizza to turn a smile.”

It comes by surprise.  She stands up, and turns.  "…F…Foxy?“  

"Aye. Steal aboard, a'fore anyone sees.”  

The girl slips behind the curtains.  And there he is.  Servos whirr as his upper body angles down, so he can see her better.  "What be the matter?“  

”…Everyone’s excited about my sister. Nobody really cares about me.“

 "What a daft thing to say.”  The flat edge of a hook lifts harmlessly up to the girl’s chin. “I care.”


Fucking animatronics.

I just wanted to show people who aren’t too familiar with these things that FNAF was actually pretty on point with the setting and the endoskeletons for the animatronics. Creepy heads laying around and all. This is all Rock-afire Explosion (unsure about the second to last image, but pretty sure). 

If you think these things look creepy online or in-game, you obviously haven’t felt the terror of watching one in person. Don’t go out of your way for that experience, holy shit.


If you are visiting the Steven Universe wiki, be VERY cautious! I just went to grab a few reference pictures for some art, and when you click on the link for character pages, a page will pop up and your screen will go black. A few seconds later a picture of an eyeless Golden Freddy will pop up and a screaming noise will be heard until, of course, I immediately closed the tab.

For anyone who does not want to see FNAF or jumpscares or have an anxiety attack like I did, PLEASE be careful!

Listen Up 'Cause Y'all Love Creepy Animatronics

so there was this amusement park in the 50s in Massachusetts called Pleasure Island and stuff, super fun family place

but one of their attractions was the “Moby Dick” ride where this fucker here

would come popping out of the water for shits and giggles. he was like the park’s mascot

looks so cute and friendly, doesn’t he. but in reality: 

This thing was a massive, 75 foot water spitting hellspawn. Some people say it would malfunction and rise from the water on its own. 

no thank you

i’m good it’s ok

this lady knows what’s up


Anyway, the park closed in 1969 and it’s all a business park now and an apartment building. People speculate that the whale may be under the water still, but who knows. Still, terrifying 

look at dat face


With the popularity of Five Nights at Freddy’s I want to show you Chuck E. Cheese’s from when it first began in 1977.  The animatronics started out as framed wall portraits. 

Chuck E. Cheese

Jasper T. Jowls

Crusty the Cat

Foxy Colleen

Helen Henny

The first version of Pasqually. His original purpose was to announce when pizza orders were ready. From what I’ve read he would pop out of a pair of closed doors. 

And then started the whole stage show. Here’s some of the characters. 

Dolli Dimples

Pasqually- Now he’s in the band!

Mr. Munch

Helen Henny

Madame Oink

Now the animatronics show has less attention placed on it, and only has Chuck E. Cheese on a small little stage. The rest of the show appears on t.v. screens placed around him. 

You’re welcome. Use your night light. It’s okay. 

Five nights at Freddy’s fanart: The Purple Guy and the murdered children :( 

I felt so bad while drawing this… and I’m also planning a fanfiction, the children’s story, why am I torturing myself? :D

You can check more infos and pictures on my deviantart: