Jaydan’s Chuck E. in action. This was taken when I brought my lights over to Jaydan’s house and we filmed 3 videos for his YouTube Channel. Luckily 2 of which made it to his channel before he passed away! Jaydan was such an amazing person. I miss him dearly! Not only was he a best friend but also a little brother to me. We shared so many laughs, good times and I’m gonna do everything I can to keep Jaydan’s memory alive!

My weird ass dream

I dreamt I was at goodburger eating and then shaquille o Neil takes me and my brother out for a day of fun and then I wake up pinned down to the bed by nothing and I see this creepy ass Mardi gras animatronic doll that comes to life and throws knives and screwdrivers at me and I can’t get anyone’s attention because I’d just gasp. It went on 3 times in a row due to waking up in the dream


As a whole, I don’t know if Avatar Land was the best idea (especially compared to the Beastly Kingdom), but this animatronic will probably go down in Disney history!


people talk about “cursed images” and “cursed videos”

well ill tell ya this here is 50 seconds long and is one of the most cursed things ive ever seen