animatronic eyebrows!


Sure beats the heck outta the name I’ve been using for her ( ’-_-)

anonymous asked:

How do you make the fnaf eyebrow gifs

do u wan 2 know.

1. open photoshop (or w/e just any photo editing software)

2. open up a pic of the eyebrow victim

3. keep that as 1 layer

4. duplicate the same pic, but crop the eyebrows and move them up slightly

5. for the blank spaces u have where their eyebrows used to be,  select a random piece of fur/or whatever and copy it, placing it in the blank spaces so u don’t got an abyss between the eyes and the eyebrows (if yknow what i mean)

just clean it up in any way u can think of and make it blend. this is my method tho. youll get a bunch of layers but just merge them into 1.

6. now it should look like this and youve got your frames

save them as like “shittymeme1.png″ and “shittymeme2.png″. now we gotta make it a gif. i personally do this using “ezimba” which is a free website.

7. upload your images. for me the site is super glitchy so i have to upload them twice. but after that, go here

place ur pics in there

animate that shit

and click convert

ur done lmao and it looks like this. good job!!!!!!1 (i rushed it so its kinda poopy but whatever)