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the new COOLGAMES INC ANIMATED i did is up on polygon!! go on an adventure with these boys


Main reason why I love the animatic for Feel Good Inc. is because 2D just looks so trapped and sad at the end.

And Murdoc’s just there giving that grin like “yeah this is my band and my singer and he’s gonna sing his little heart out”.




I’ve finally decided to reopen commissions after a very long hiatus. I feel my art has improved since the last time and I’m enjoying drawing after so long. Here are the rules:


  • I’m more active in the Pokémon and Attack on Titan fandom, but I am willing to draw from other fandoms, provided I’m given clear context and references. However, I may refuse a fandom and that is my right to do so.
  • Your ships! Got a rarepair that has no love? I’ll get it done! Once again, this is the same with fandoms in that I’ll pretty much draw anything with context/references and I have the right to refuse.
  • Got some OC’s in your head but you can’t get them onto paper? I love designing characters, so I’m all for it.


  • NSFW (no exceptions; cute kisses are OK)
  • Gore of any kind
  • rape/non-con/inc//st
  • animals (Pokémon are OK)
  • mecha/robots

Backgrounds are included in the costs but I am not willing to do anything complicated, only the type of backgrounds featured in the images above. You are encouraged to pick a color (if you absolutely want to) for the BG, but if not, then I’ll assume that I get to choose.

I will try to create the art in a timely fashion (I don’t forsee any delays, but you know how life is) and I ask to be given at least a week from the time that you request the art. This might be difficult to time if I have multiple commissions at once, but it shouldn’t take that long. If anything should come up, I WILL be in contact with updates so you’re never left in the dark.

Also! I require payment up front. My paypal is

If you’d like to see more examples of my art, just head onto my blog and there should be a taglist in the navigation bar to help you!

I look forward to working with you all! Thank you so much!


This time of year is especially important to spread valuable knowledge and insights into the realities and responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Rabbits should not be obtained on impulse and are not ideal pets for small children.  So while the appeal of getting a pet bunny for Easter is tempting, they are living creatures who are more than just a novelty. Please act responsibly and choose a toy rabbit or chocolates instead.


I picked up these adorable Hallmark Itty Bittys of Scooby and rest of Mystery Inc! I didn’t know they all existed until I saw them!

The animators who work here are free to — no, encouraged to — decorate their work spaces in whatever style they wish. They spend their days inside pink dollhouses whose ceilings are hung with miniature chandeliers, tiki huts made of real bamboo, and castles whose meticulously painted, 15-foot-high styrofoam turrets appear to be carved from stone.
—  Ed Catmull