Some advice for aspiring animators from Rebecca Sugar:

1. Don’t shy away from finding inspiration for characters in yourself and the people you love.

“If there’s a character that you like in something else, they probably remind of you someone you know or yourself. So if you can zero in on that and then use that to make your own original character that has those qualities, but maybe even more specific to you, then do that.”

2. You can find inspiration through the things you enjoy, especially when you’re facing a creative block.

“I love to just put on music and draw, when I get stuck, sometimes I’ll do that. I like looking at art that’s not the medium of cartoons, and kind of absorbing that, and making cartoons while thinking of that.”

3. Even though it’s not the most exciting work, learn fundamentals and traditional drawing skills.

This is excellent advice Rebecca’s received from comic artists like Eric Larson, Mike Mignola, and Eric Powell.

4. And most importantly: Make. More. Stuff.

“And the ones that are working, you’ll quickly start to see like, This is what I want to do. You might not even know until you just do a lot of things, and then it will just come into focus.”

Step 1: find looping animation that’s fixed within a scene

Step 2: take *only* the repeating frames from one position of the loop

Step 3: the character is now completely frozen while everything else moves around them

Step 4: apply to everything because it’s hilarious

“We need to make up some spooky snacks for Shag and Scoob to see in the refrigerator.”

Carl the Animator: “Hmm… what’s the theme, again?”

Ted the Animator: “Random castle that has a werewolf, a vampire, and a Frankenstin’s Monster-esque guy.”

Carl the Animator: “Lemme think… thematic spooky foods….”

Ted the Animator: “Well, what with there being a werewolf and all, let’s start with Werewolf Snacks. That sorta plays into the dog treat theme.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, and uhh, uhhhhh… Vampire Wings!”

Ted the Animator: “…why would a vampire eat its own wings?”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe they’re vampire bat wings.”

Ted the Animator: “Vampires are pretty well known for just drinking blood, Carl.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe this one is branching out.”

Ted the Animator: “…riiiight, moving along. Let’s get back to something sensible, and relating to the Frankenstein’s Monster guy. How about ‘Electric–’”

Carl the Animator: “OOOOOOH I KNOW!”

Carl the Animator: “FRIED MOONBEAMS!”

Ted the Animator: “I… what does that have to do with Frankenstein?”

Carl the Animator: “Nothing.”

Ted the Animator: “…what does eating moonbeams have to do with any of the monsters of the episode?”

Carl the Animator: “I dunno. These Fried Moonbeams are new and improved, though.”

Ted the Animator: “…this is why we don’t let you create props, Carl.”

Day 5 of 30 days of tubers series Jaidan Animations.

Animator, artist who lives in the oven that is Arizona and makes entertaining cute videos on her opinions and experiences, as well as her embarrassing moments, she also has a dog called Ari.  

Until next tuber Laters :)

Ted the Animator: “…7 different frames, and in each one you managed to get the his vest/lapel wrong in a unique and distinct way.”

Carl the Animator: “I elevant sloppy animation to an art form of its own.”