So to me, this video is really pointing to the fact that internally this girl is a lesbian, or whatever sexuality she has. Apples are generally a “forbidden fruit”, and in Japan homosexual/lesbian relationships are seen as “forbidden love”. She bites into it and delves into a small little Eden. Of course she’s Adam in this Eden (not Eve, since she’s the first “human” there), which is pretty interesting, and she creates an Eve for herself (remember, Eve was made as a companion for Adam). At this point I think she’s confused about her sexuality since Eve is a gender-less, formless blob. Furthermore she’s staring at a prince with a unicorn in the horizon…which disappears. A prince on a white horse is generally what every little girl, in “proper,” society, dreams for. Hence, she was struggling and contemplating where her sexuality stands, especially since society tells her that she needs to be a heterosexual little girl that wants a prince on a white horse to save her. Even so, when she enters reality, she realizes exactly who she is.

This entire video is a delusion, so she starts twisting “reality” to what she wants it to be and starts turning all the women into lilies. Lilies in the anime industry are generally symbolism for yuri or lesbian relationships…basically, in her ideal world, she’s turning all of the women into lesbians. Furthermore, when she encounters a male, she makes him suffer and tear his own heart out; clearly she is not fond of the male sex. And finally, she is shocked to see the pink-haired girl from ME!ME!ME! with her boyfriend. It’s very important to notice that the camera focuses and centers on this girl, not the boy. If her love interest was the boy, then the camera would’ve panned over to his face. The camera stays fixated on the girl, and the words “suki” (“like”) start desperately repeating. Her love interest is this pink-haired girl, and she is utterly devastated. Perhaps her love for this girl is what made her start to question her sexuality in the first place. And maybe her hatred for men stems from spite for the pink-haired girl’s boyfriend.

By the end of the video, she’s lying naked in the boat that is noticeably no longer filled with apples or lilies. The boat is bare like her feelings, and a shadow falls on her, and she lights up. Yes, she has found new love, but notice how the shadow is gender-less. Also, the lack of apples or lilies in the boat could mean that her love for that girl ended, or her love for girls in general ended. We don’t know the gender of the shadow, so maybe this girl is bisexual, or even pan. Who knows, after all she’s still at a young age, trying to figure out her identity and who she is. That’s what the video is about. There’s a ton of imagery and analysis that I didn’t go over, but it’s great that this video can be dissected and interpreted in many different ways :)

anonymous asked:

What are you favorite shorts from animator expo?

1) ME!ME!ME! (of course this is my #1; NSFW warning btw)

2) GIRL / I’m a GIRL

3) Endless Night

4) ME!ME!ME! CHRONIC (big epilepsy warning)

5) Hammerhead 

All the shorts at animatorexpo are amazing though  so I would say to just watch all of them ^^