animator's dolls


So, the Eugene (I refuse to call him Flynn when he was a child) Animator Doll is available at my local Disney Store! He’s even cuter in person, and the art Byron Howard drew for his design is just precious! ♥

I hope we get an image release of these pictures without all the words in the way.

Need some help

I’ll make a proper sale post later, but now would be a great time to place an order if you’ve had something on your mind. Maybe a niffler, or a merbunny, or a doll of your favorite character that there never seems to be merch for? You see, for the past three years our gas company Eversource has been sending our bill to the wrong address, though we have been repeatedly trying to wrangle it. We finally got a bill for $800 when they showed up yesterday to turn off our gas, even though we’d already made a partial payment. Finances have been pretty much terrible anyway, to the point where I’ve been contemplating shutting down the shop this year, but I managed to reverse the switch off by basically emptying my account, since we can’t get an actual person on the phone to work out any leniency for their error (and not to mention two ex roommates worth of bill, as well)… So I need help. Share a link to the shop on FB! Reblog some favorite designs! Talk about how neat your purchase was and how I’ll make *anything* custom to your little corner of the internet.

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I started watching Batman: The Animated Series today and it made me feel like drawing for the first time in like two weeks

I love this guy (these guys???) a lot… I really like his design in The Batman too, though he doesn’t look anywhere near as sharp.

Disney’s Mulan was first released on June 19, 1998.

This was originally planned as an animated short entitled “China Doll” about an oppressed and miserable Chinese girl who is whisked away by a British Prince Charming to happiness in the West. Then Disney consultant and children’s book writer Robert D. San Souci suggested making a movie of the Chinese poem, ‘The Song of Fa Mu Lan’, so the two projects were combined. (x)