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Scrump (Lilo’s Doll) - Lilo & Stitch

The Animators collection of the Disney Store is not only adding more boys to their doll line and all kinds of merchan covered on drawings in their adorable style - now they have plushies, too!

They are small, less than half the size of the dolls, and they seem to be made as companions for them. There’s Gus Gus for Cinderella, the owl in his red prince clothes for Aurora, the baby crocodrile for Tinkerbell…

Their size makes them cute, and it should also be easy for kids to carry them, even for the youngest:

Her tag is pretty big and features many drawings in the Animators style of both Lilo and Scrump:

I have yet to see ‘Lilo & Stitch’, but I look forward to it because everything I’ve heard makes it sound like a good movie. So far I’ve avoided spoilers, but I do recognise the characters, and I have always thought that the design of Lilo’s doll is very cute >w< They changed her belly button to a ‘heart’ button, but it works better with her size and flat shape.

I know that she is not for everyone, but I love her so much. Even now, I can’t look at her on my shelf without smiling.