animator collection doll

Please please reblog this if you think it’s okay for adults to like dolls and stuffies and such!

My boyfriend is having a difficult time right now because he’s worried he’s too old to like stuffed animals or collect dolls, and I want to show him that everyone who’s an adult is really just bumbling around eating cereal from the box and trying not to screw things up, and it’s okay to like the stuff he likes.


I can finally display this cheeky duo together!
My friend picked up Lilo from the Disney Store in Manchester while I was working today and I’m so happy!
Lilo is perfect and her hair is so thick and lovely, it needs a little styling but for now it’ll do. Her little sandals are adorable and her bag can be used to store things!
She looks very happy with my interactive talking Stitch my nana picked up a while back for 50p!