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gifs of the some of the animations from the Eddsworld cartoon Mirror Mirror

you can watch it there –>

I can’t believe it’s been two years already. It was a fun experience and i’ve learned a lot since then. Thanks again to everyone for the nice comments and feedback :D


this meme has become such a problem that any time I listen to Saturnz Barz now, I can’t help but burst out laughing in public because I hear “T H E B A T H” really loudly in my ears.
basically I was at an open house and we just left the house when my parents stopped walking to the car to talk to our housing agent or whatever. I pause and stand with them, and I’m listening to Saturnz Barz for the 999th time (’: It restarts and I hear 2d’s little “woOoOw” and for some reason I forgot Murdoc’s whole bath moment thing was next, so I’m standing there listening to the song cluelessly. Then I turn up my volume bc I just want this song to start already, and I want to drown out the boring rambling from the adults in front of me. Bad idea. “T H E B A T H” is the first thing I heard, and suddenly I burst out snorting in front of everyone- Mind you, I don’t talk much AT ALL when we’re with our housing agent. They all looked at me like I was crazy, so I just. … I walked back to the car.
Thank you.

What makes the grittiness of the new Samurai Jack season work is that it is earned. It is not shock and drama for the sake of shock and drama. It has meaning, it makes sense for the character’s journey and this universe. It is earned.

And also because you get incredibly badass visuals.

(The first post I saw from @occasional-pikachu was a GIF about Pikachu and a thunderstone. Since then I began to follow that blog because I fell in love with that animation. The style, the expressions and the colors are so cute, and to be honest I admire a lot people who can do animations as cute as those. -Also Pikachu with his ketchup-) *^*