Hi, I’m Lee! I’m offering commissions again to save up money for my next two semesters at college. I will not be able to maintain a job at the school I am going to due to mental and physical limitations, but my expenses will exist none the less. I need to save money for my phone bill, gas, hygiene products, and trips to get HRT every other week. (I am transgender, and currently receiving hormone therapy!) My goal this summer is to save $2,500.00 to $3,000.00!

I am offering $10.00 USD per character, blinking commissions like the samples above and I can draw humans, anthro, and animals! (PayPal only!)

Send me a message on tumblr, or email me at sailoir@outlook.com! Available slot information will be available on my page. I’ll take about 5 at a time!

Include in your message: how many characters, image references, pose preferences, or any other details.

Please consider reblogging this if you can, whether or not you can buy. It would help me a lot! Thank you so much! ♥