New set of backgrounds from #Ripaille. If someone finds an Harry Potter easter egg in one of them… You’ll win all my respect. Actually, there are a lot of surprises hidden in all the shots and environments of the film.


I know it’s been awhile since my last update but I’ve been super busy and just got back from the SDCC craziness! Here’s a lil’ short I animated for the Dota 2 Short Film Contest!

If you have Steam, please vote and/or share for my film on the contest page here, I’d really appreciate it! :D

A small homage to my favorite ‪‎Dota 2‬ hero, ‪‎Timbersaw‬, and the talented voice work of ‪TJ Ramini‬. In remembrance of the ‪‎C.U.T. Corps‬ during the Clearcut Challenge. XD

This is the short version; it was originally one minute long but I had to unfortunately cut (CUTCUTCUT) a scene out to hit the deadline. :\ I’ll upload the completed film soon but I wanted to get this version out there!

Thanks to Petros Petrou for helping me with sound/video edits!
Music Credits: “Happy Whistling French Jazz” by StudioLeBus & Pond5

Hope you guys enjoy and thank you for watching!! ^_^ 



Here’s another collab animation that I did with Outfoxed Gaming. I really enjoyed making this. If you enjoyed the video make sure to support both of our channels.

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Beautiful Animation Short Film: The Alchemist’s Letter

When Veridian, an estranged young man, receives his late alchemist father Nicolas’ inheritance (voice of Academy Award® nominated John Hurt), he is exposed to the ill-fated reality that his father built a tumultuous gold making machine powered by his own memories. The film takes us on an enchanted journey through the vessels of the machine where we explore the contents of the alchemist’s most precious memories, all in an attempt to give his son one last life lesson and save him from following down the same fateful path.

The Alchemist’s Letter - Behind The Scenes “Wind”



a new game grumps animated, wow!! i’m pretty happy with this one, i feel like boarding on we bare bears has really improved my shots n stuff haha


Un Monde Truqué Trailer 

Upcoming animated film from directors Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci which takes place in a steampunk, alternate reality Paris ruled by Napoleon VI.

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da new kid on da block.

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So apparently this is a thing.

On the positive side I learned more about the economy from watching this 5 minute cartoon than I ever did in school.


The Dam Keeper (2014) | 3D tests + exploration by Tonko House / animated by Toshi Nakamura


Happy Easter everyone!

Funny Little Bunnies (1934)
Directed by Wilfred Jackson