tsuna: DAD!!
iemitsu: ?
iemitsu: !!! TUNA FISH
tsuna: *running up to him with a grin*
tsuna: *ducks under iemitsu’s arm*
tsuna: *gives him the most ‘GET WREKT’ face ever as he sails by. ‘i don’t give a fuck’ by big sean plays in the background.*
tsuna: *barrels into reborn who is behind iemitsu instead*
tsuna: daaaaadddd
reborn, on the ground, being crushed: tsuna i’m Dying
iemitsu, in tears: but I’M dad….

rip reborn , we knew ye well

the reason tsuna even manages to tackle reborn is that every time tsuna yells ‘DAD’ at him, reborn basically reacts like ‘[IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE! reborn is STUNNED!!]’ leaving him wide open.

Today, I drew fanart for my favorite blog @dailyskyfox! This character is just too cute, and it makes me smile with a new cute drawing every day. If ya ever need some cuteness and positivity in your life, go check this blog out!


EQ: It’s rather boring most days, especially now that I just work on one floor. I go around in a circle a few times at random times at night after quiet hours. Making sure ponies are respecting others sleeping and the like.

If there are any arguments, noise complaints or upcoming events I’ll go to specific ponies rooms to settle things or pass along news.