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Harle cosplay, complete!

I can say that it isn’t my most comfortable cosplay (the shoes aren’t easy to walk in for sure), but it’s not entirely uncomfortable. Could be worse. It’s very warm. I need to hope for cooler weather this weekend.

This cosplay took SO MUCH time and effort to put together, but I’m super super happy with how ti turned out :D I avoided playing Chrono Cross for a long time because I’m a huge CT fan, but ended up falling in love once I was finally convinced to give it a try. Harle is my favorite character, so I really hope I was able to do her justice <3

Look out for me at Animation on Display this Saturday!

anonymous asked:

I need advice on creating a portfolio for uni. I'm applying for a course in graphic design and I have no idea how to display my art. I create mostly phanart and I'm not sure if I should include this in my portfolio?? Is it a bit strange having loads of drawings of Dan and Phil in my work? I have other work that's not dnp related but there is a lot less of this work, and I'm unsure on how to display it all

when I submitted my portfolio, I did have a variety of work and not just D&P (maybe thats because I wasn’t really inside the phandom at that time)
but still it consists of a lot of fanart material.

Its definitely better to display your work that is related to what you want to study or what job that you would like to apply for.
I want to be an illustrator; concept artist/character designer but I am studying animation so I showed both my artistic and animation skill in which the university/job will decide which I am more suited for.

Here are some of my pages of my portfolio:-

So in conclusion, you should have both professional work related to what you want to do and some work that you’ve done in your free time.
A portfolio is just a space to display what you can and like to do.
It also really depends on which university/job you apply for and you need to do research and fit the criteria that they are looking for!

“why do the koroks have teeth and facial expressions”

This morning I realized I actually am missing a chance to be maybe legit informative with this ask so I’m going to take a bit to talk about comics, readability, a phrase I’m probably making up which I’ll call the “panels to joke efficiency”, and why my koroks have teeth and facial expressions.

Long Talk after the cut!

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