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Gregzilla’s Thoughts on a Whole Buncha Anime

This past year I decided to expand my horizons and watch some anime.  While I always had an appreciation for Japanese animation, it wasn’t until recently that I really decided to sit down and watch a few anime series that I’d heard about.  I came out of it with mixed reactions, but a very big chunk of them were positive, and I got a ton of inspiration out of these shows in various ways - so I thought it’d be fun to do a quick run down of my thoughts and opinions on them!  I’ll stick to the ones that I’ve watched start to finish, no particular order.

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Kazimir Malevich

i’m studying avant grande for typography/colour theory!! uploading these for future reference AND ALSO BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED TO SHARE THIS COOL ART

this dude uses a lotta shapes and colours… it’s all really cute…

it’s probably where part of that abstract 80/90’s look i like so much stems from B^] i think i really like suprematism…. it’s nice..