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Arab/Middle Eastern!Harrison headcanons by an actual Middle Eastern
  • Says ‘bolice’ instead of ‘police’
  • Throws a fit when someone pronounces ‘hummus’ wrong
    • You know how non-arab people say ‘hum-as’? That’s his pet peeve
  • He would rather die than eat unseasoned salad
  • Has no idea what the arab-english keyboard thing is called but can only read every fifth word
  • “No I can’t read that” “I thought you could read Arabic” “Yes but I can only read Lebanese I can’t read this one” “What”
  • Accidentally gets REALLY aggressive when he switches languages
  • Really loud, especially on phones
    • Accidentally spits when he talks
    • Talks waaaayyy too fast
  • WhatsApp and Viber
  • Is it just me or does every arab play that pool game
    • If it’s not the pool game it’s solitaire
      • I just asked my Dad and yeah apparently like 98% of Arabs have either pool or solitaire on their phones
  • Can play Tables/Tama (that game similar to backgammon)
  • Constantly trying to grow cucumbers or tomatoes
  • Randomly starts singing arab songs at the top of his lungs and whoever knows the lyrics will join in
  • Always feels the cold
  • “How can you be arab you’re not fully clothed” 
    • Harrison: *looks into camera like he’s in the office*
  • His mum or grandma rubs oil on his stomach instead of giving him medication if it hurts
  • His dad has a deep fear of weird things, like shoes being upside down, cracked mirrors, the number 13, etc
    • His dad taught him to throw a bucket of water outside the door if someone close to you dies to scare bad spirits
      • His parents did that every day for a month after the Brother Incident™
  • S w e a t s

anonymous asked:

Do you think Harrison occasionally goes to his tent, making sure he is by himself, and writes letters to his brother? Actually, make that every evening, or whenever he gets the chance to. Do you think that after writing each note, he gently folds it, and makes it disappear, hoping that it goes the same way his brother did? Do you think he always wakes up, eagerly checking around the tent to see if there might possibly be a reply, only to quickly deflate as he realizes there's nothing new?

Yes. Yes to all of this.

Every evening, especially when it’s been a hard day or he needs to talk to someone, he’ll write a letter. He’ll pour out all his emotions into it, all his thoughts, and he always tell his brother that he’s sorry and he’s doing everything he can to bring him back.

And then he’ll make it disappear, hoping that maybe- just maybe- his brother would read it.  Then he goes to bed, knowing that he’ll wake up to nothing but that won’t stop him from checking every nook and cranny his tent every single morning just in case.

[singing though tears] Gotta get back,, back to the past,, Samurai Jack (watchoww)