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A sea of green, and a beacon of blue

The Queen’s Thief Appreciation Week 
Day Four (May 11) - Favorite Object

Inside the case was a dueling pistol, a king’s weapon, wheel-locked, chased in gold. Eddis had seen it earlier that day. When Sounis lifted it out and tipped his head over the locking mechanism, she knew he was reading the letters inscribed there: Onea realia. “The queen made me.”
     Sounis thanked the queen prettily, years of training providing the appropriate words. As he went to replace the pistol in the box, he paused. There was a tab to lift the bottom of the box and clearly room to store something underneath. Keeping the gun in his hand, he reached with the other, but Gen forestalled him, holding the inset bottom of the box down with a single finger.
     “You have heard my queen’s advice. My gift is below. Would you wait to see it until you have decided what you will do with hers?”

Megan Whalen Turner, A Conspiracy of Kings

New members of the League of Villains!

I already knew these two i mean i read the school trip arc manga 🙈 but yes i regretted doing so bc ugh i will be waiting for a year to watch its animation and its very frustrating. I’m not really the reading-manga-spoiling-yourself type of anime fan but i couldn’t stop myself reading its manga 🙈 so much hype!!