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Animation Exercise #6: Pick Up The Phone! 

Here we go everyone! I’m really excited for this exercise! 

For this exercise, imagine a phone call ringing for your original character or a fan character you enjoy, and that they have to answer the phone. 

There are a few challenges within this exercise:

1. What is the before and after reactions for the character when receiving the call? Is the character curious at first, and then regretting the phone call? Is the character dreading the phone call, but then realizes it is an unexpected great message? What if the character does not change from start to finish (say the character is tired, answers, hangs up because he/she is still tired and was not interested at all to begin with)? (I provided some sketches below as examples)

We want you to animate the before and after interaction of the phone call. This will test your acting and Staging skills. Animation is about reacting and changing in the emotion and poses of the character. We want to see what the character is thinking by the body language (poses), facial expressions, and motion.

2. This part of the challenge is the real kicker: The phone has to be corded. No cordless phones or cell phones (Please see image below for examples). 

Most cell phones (and cordless phones) are rectangular shaped. It would be interesting to see what kind of phones your character would use. This is where you can design your own phone to meet the need of your character, as well as adding possible fun interaction(s) with the cord in play. 

Does it have to be coiled for the telephone cord? No, you do not have to. If you decide to, more power to you, it will add plenty of Squash and Stretch to the animation for sure (depending on the action). 

It’s going to be a fun challenge to see how your characters will react, and to show your thought process as an actor/director! I’m really excited, and I’m looking forward to what you create! Feel free to ask questions if you have any. 


Disclaimer: We do ask that you keep the animation age appropriate and not vulgar. No hate speech, religion bashing, or anything sexual. We do not want to decline a submission due to an animation that showcases the things we request not to have. Thank you in advance.


What This Exercise Will Help You With: All 12 Principles of Animation

Due Date: July 16.


To submit, please inform us that you have completed using our Ask Page.

For information about rules and submitting, please visit the Guidelines Page.