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All these sketches are watermarked and they all have tiny micro signatures on the art itself not just by the side of the sketches which you can visually see. to erase the signature is to destroy the entire art. please dont steal.   

The Prince Of Egypt is an amazing film. film animation is visually stunning as well as the music. Dreamworks pushed the practice of animation and jump leaps. you dont even know how happy I am with these sketches! I always try to get close to the style as possible and im just so happy I was able to! I mean look at my Moses! he looks so cool! hahahaha ;_; this took me along time to do. believe it or not sketches take a long time as well.


So I have looked into the animation bible to see how I could make Sam run, and I felt this amazing emotion you get after your first steps in animation, it was just like if he was alive! Then I knew something had to be done with Sam.

For the painting I used my favorite brush on photoshop, and probably because it’s a run, it seemed to work.

Du coup j’ai regardé dans la bible de l’animation pour savoir comment faire courir Sam, et j’ai ressenti cette incroyable émotion que l’on a lorsque l’on fait ses premiers pas dans l’animation, c’était comme s’il était vivant! Après ça c’était sûr qu’il fallait faire quelque chose avec Sam.

Pour la colo j’ai utilisé ma brush favorite sur photoshop, et c’est sans doute parce que c’est une course, mais ça avait l’air de bien fonctionner.

equidoor  asked:

So in the stream you mentioned a book about animation for beginners. Is there anyway you can give me a link to the book or something? I would really like one.

I don’t remember mentioning a book in the stream, but off the top of my head, the books I have on animation are

1.  Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams (this is kinda like the go-to book for a lot of students.  Although admittedtly I don’t go to it very frequently myself, not because it’s bad, it’s fuckin great and Williams is a boss, I’m just not that good at opening books.)
2.  Timing for Animation by Harold Whitaker  (good for … timing)
3. The Animation Bible by Maureen Furniss  (good for going over different methods for animating, “from flipbooks to flash”)

You can probably find .PDFs of most of those, and if not, they’re pretty cheap on Amazon!

I also reblogged THIS ANIMATION MASTERPOST earlier today, with tons of resources on it.  If you go through my #animation or #resource tag you’ll probably find some good stuff too… but honestly it’s all probably in that masterpost someone so studiously put together!

Hope that helps!


Rock Club: The first episode of “True Nature”- a Big Play Films video series. I did voices and animated this one.


Hey. It’s been a while. How are you?…Oh me? I’m making a show. That, up there, is what it might look like. Its called The Boonies….yea, like The Goonies but not. Here, I’ll sum it up real quick:

The Boonies is a mystery driven animated comedy about Francis, a twelve year old loner child who finds herself stuck in the strange kitschy town of Boonsville, a place prone to freak storms and home to a number of terrifying cults. To pass time, she beings stealing the towns member’s belongings, only to realize that she is collecting the secrets that piece together the spellbinding mystery around the towns history. 

Great. Glad we caught up. There is much more to come in the following weeks. I will be proposing this baby next Friday at 11:30 at PNCA for my thesis, ya know. You should really stop by and I can tell you so much more about Boonsville! It’s really an odd town, really. 

anonymous asked:

any advice on learning animation? all your small pieces seem so good

Thank you! I’m gonna be honest, I still have no idea what I’m doing, so I can’t say that I have many words of wisdom to share just yet. However, I can recommend a couple of books you might want to check out– Drawn to Life, The Animation Bible, and The Illusion of Life are a couple of titles sitting on my shelf rn, and I read the heckers out of them when I was working on my walk cycle last summer.