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Good Stuff: Han̈azüki, Full of Treasures

Warning: I was stoned off my ass posting this. If I go off the rails, please come down to my basement and bungle some cheetos into my trash hole. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Woo hah! Let me tell ‘bout this weird dream I had last night, man. There was a girl made of earth from a floating baby. Then this baby starts to give her small items because he can. As for the girl, dubbed Hanazuki, she has moodring powers that lighten up the special items depending on her mood, and grow trees of different shapes and colors and they protect the planet from black space jizz. Then she meets a diamond, a pothead pony, her tsundere twin, and tiny bunny rabbits and they all go on crazy adventures while the space jizz looms from beyond. Let’s see, Rue Beep Boop? “Yes, Major?” Can you look up that one scene from Rick and Morty? Should be in the database. “But of course, Major. Got it right her.

Yeah, that’s basically the G rated version of it. This sooooo reminds me of Friendship is Magic, Sailor Moon, Paprika, and especially Star vs the Forces of Evil put together. It’s colorful, down to earth, sweet, and more importantly: coherent. It has a very interesting story going on with Han̈azüki’s   newfound role, the tsundere rival, the stoner pony, the black space jizz, and the magic that binds them all. She’s in a fresh environment, doing things great at first and everything’s fine, and while her moodring powers and optimism can be sweet enough to stomp the shenanigans that come her way, there’s a shred of despair and doubt that not everything can be resolved so nicely. Hate throwing this word around, but Han̈azüki is pretty nuanced in plotting something big, even with it’s cuddly and close minion rip offs. Those rabbit things aren’t annoying or bad as minions, but they push it sometimes. Plus, Han̈azüki is voiced by Flame Princess, Lucy, and Lynn Loud put together, so there will be energy. Small victories.

Though I forgot they promoted meth in this show, too

This is a colorful and intriguing series, and I’m surprised Hasbro is behind this, weird I’ve seen no toys of this first. That, and Titmouse Inc, the group behind Superjail, a favorite adult cartoon. What is also surprising is that this is all on Youtube. You don’t have to pay, watch it on a tiny screen while a nobody reacts to it, watch a rip of it, go to kisscartoon, or Youtube Red’s useless ass. All 9 11 minute episodes, of a cartoon series, free, are on YOUTUBE. Sorry to repeat myself, but this is rare since only animated shorts, reviews, parodies, cats, let’s plays, and trailers are what make that site run and fund nowadays. I mean I’m gonna download this season to my flash drive, just in case, but I honestly say Han̈azüki’s worth giving a try. You may think I’m too mannish and old to watch this, and you’d be correct, but I took a chance with this drunk in the head. Now I’m sober, and I still find it’s nice as I remember.

If anything I think they were high putting this trailer together

The cuteness and ecstasy color palette might turn you off, the opening is the only eyesore I see, but it can hook you without having to tune your brain off or get buzzed. It has layers of suspense while still being bright on the sunny side, and that’s a trend in cartoons I’m behind 100%. I hope season 2 will be just as good. Also, I need to lay off the cannabis jokes and this good cannabis. Then again, better than any other drug out there.

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And with that, I wish you peace and a good day. Later.

@therealjacksepticeye Congrats on 13 Million Subscribers!!!

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Omg, It’s already my third Jacksepticeye’s Milestone FanArt, but not third time experiencing it! I can’t believe how fast channel and the community is growing… I’M SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY! I’M LATE I KNOW BUT I JUST MANAGED TO COME BACK FROM UNIVERSITY
Also I was gonna do more than this simple animation bu unfortunately I was too busy to prepare ;; Beware Jack! 13 likes to bring along certain beings~ >u>

Thank you Jack! Thank you for making my everyday-life so much brighter and teaching me how important it is to take care of yourself and open up to people! I wish I will have an opportunity to meet you one day and show my gratitude!

Little OMAKE:


Season 3 Saturday:

“We had a particular squad of five Watchdogs in Season 3 that had a very peculiar high-stakes mission.”

@disneyxd, do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to air an entire episode of nothing but this gif.


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