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When you don’t win the award for best animation, despite bringing stunning, new techniques to the grounds of anime though a playful, consistent artstyle.

Thoughts on YOI winning the “Best Animation”Award

Animation is about creating an illusion of movement by quickly playing multiple successive pictures together, and in this way, bringing a story to life.

Clearly, the Yuri!!! on ICE artwork during some of the latter skate scenes was not the quality we’d expect from a “best animation”-nominated show, but the attention to detail and actual animation during most of the scenes was quite evident? The YOI staff hired multiple choreographers and ice skating professionals so that they could get even the smallest details like sound, color, and positioning right. 

Here’s an example of the attention to detail, as shown by not only the leg movement but also the ice movement:

Handpicking and comparing sub-par YOI screencaps to the best screencaps from another show is honestly quite unfair, as animation is not about a single picture. It is about playing multiple slightly-varied successive images quickly to create an appearance of movement. 

To better argue my point, just looking at the following picture is not equivalent to evaluating YOI’s animation.

Even looking at this screenshot, which is clearly nicer than the prior one, is not a sufficient method of evaluating YOI’s animation

The following gif, however, is an example of animation:

It follows the term’s literal and common definition.

Let’s be clear. I’m not saying that YOI should have won the “best animation” category, as plenty of other nominees could have arguably taken its spot. I’m simply asking people to look at the show’s animation as a whole, rather than at a few screenshots taken on their phones.

You know whats fukin ridiculous about the awards is that Mob Psycho 100 got the award for “Best Action” and “Best Fight Scene” when to be honest, that’s COMPLETELY not what Mob Psycho is all about… hah;;;

I’m glad they got the award!! Honestly! But you know how IRONIC it is that the whole point of Mob was NOT about fighting??? YEAH….

I’m pretty sure that Moana’s going to win the academy award for best animated movie and I’m pretty sure I’m going to love the movie when I do watch it, but I really hope people don’t forget about Kubo and I really want Kubo and the Two Strings to win the award this year because Laika and other non Disney movies deserve that award too

me after finding out yoi won best animation and best opening over mp100

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….Okay so the Yuri on Ice op fits SO STUPIDLY WELL with the Mob Psycho 100 op.

Like literally didn’t even take me a minute to make the right cut then sync it.  IT MESHES IN THAT WELL!

Last word on the “unexpected” (people hating on media that’s popular with women, how original) onslaught of hate towards Yuri on Ice for the CRAA.

Disclaimer because some people are too stupid to scroll before getting their panties in a twist: I voted for MP100 on Animation and think it should’ve won.

With that out of the way, saying YOI had shitty animation because it had frames like this:

is like saying Mob Psycho had shitty animation because it has frames as this

literally still frames have nothing to do with “animation quality” and y’all look tremendously stupid is all I’m saying

betcha five bucks no one would be whining if the one taking all the awards was Eupho or KonoSuba or some other male otaku whatever but that’s none of my business

zubbyzub  asked:

I'm assuming you've seen the results of the Crunchyroll anime awards?

Yep. In case someone hasn’t yet, here they are.

To be honest, I sort of want to apologize to Mob Psycho fans because the more I think about it, the more I realize that it deserved the best animation award and it was robbed of it simply because YOI was more popular (though admittedly it had some nice animation too). I just feel bad because I know they will be upset because Mob Psycho is underappreciated in the community, even though it deserves the praise it gets.

At the same time, this was entirely a popularity contest, not a panel of judges and/or professionals so this is about as much as we could have expected. (It also doesn’t really mean much in the end.)

As happy as I am that Yuuri got best boy, Victuuri got best couple, The Kiss got best moment and the OP and ED both also won, the main take-away for us is that we’re a large, strong fandom with many members, of which we can perhaps be proud.

The other thing about this though is that, well… it’s time to get ready for a shitstorm. We are bound to get hate from other fandoms now, I can already see it. So let’s brace ourselves because we’re about to get insulted by hundreds of people at the very least.

Welcome to the anime community, I suppose.


Remember the “taunt fortress 2” video? Well the ‘The Winglet ’ just posted they’re entry into the Saxxys like 2 hours ago
Well worth a watch.

  • Yoi fans: yuri on ice won a lot of their categories. We are so happy!
  • Yoi fans: we know
  • Yoi fans: we know that too
  • Yoi fans: yeah we agree
  • Yoi fans: *sigh* okay, you are mad. We get it.
  • Yoi fans: *facepalm*