animation at its finest

Pixel Mini’s! These are some simple 64x64 icons  I made for all the Madoka Magica girls. Not so suited for Tumblr but probably good for Deviantart, herp. If you do use elsewhere, link back to this blog somewhere on your page. Also these are actually my old mini templates for bead art with another few frames thrown in for animation XD (laziness at its finest).


Gender dimorphism in animation at its finest.

In Frozen, we see three of the main human characters as children, then later as adults. This showcases a trend that isn’t new to animation but has been getting more and more obvious in recent years – namely, that female characters are given infantile faces on top of idealized adult bodies.

Look at Kristoff (sorry I couldn’t find a better picture of him, btw). There are numerous changes in his face between his child and adult designs, and yet enough similarities that you can tell it’s the same character at two different ages. The main difference is that his younger form is given more infantile features, such as larger eyes, a smaller nose, and a rounder face shape.

Then move down to Anna and Elsa. There’s no mistaking them for different characters at their different ages…but that’s because their child and adult designs are incredibly similar. Both ages show them with the same infantile features: large eyes, small nose, round face shape. It’s my understanding that these three people are only a few years apart in age; so why do Anna and Elsa look so much younger?

And if you’re about to say “NO, Anna and Elsa don’t have the same faces at both ages! There are slight differences in – ” then you’re missing the point. I didn’t say that Anna and Elsa’s faces don’t change, but the changes are very slight…especially compared to the major alterations that Kristoff’s design went through for his age progression.

Some might insist that it’s so Anna and Elsa are still recognizable. But again, how do you account for Kristoff being recognizable in both forms? Why do the female characters need to be treated differently than him?

Remember: Anna and Elsa are not real people, who through some random coincidence of biology happened to retain the same face as they got older. A large team of people had to design, revise, and approve them at both ages, and literally every facet of what these characters looked like was controllable.

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truly this is animation at its finest