animation 2d work in progress


Work for my film Ursa is well under way, and I’m getting closer to the point where I start animating. I managed to recruit a team to help me with the film too! I’m so excited! These are just a few things I’ve done for the film; some character explorations and a new styleframe to depict roughly what I’m hoping the final product will look like. The cub doesn’t actually have a name but I’ve taken to calling him B or Cubby; he’s so fun to draw. ^.^

For those of you who are curious, Ursa is the tentative (probably permanent) title to my senior film that I’ll be animating traditionally. It’s about a baby bear who goes fishing for his sick mom. You guys can expect a close-to-finished product (with rough animation) sometime in the winter! Until then you can watch the animatic of the film HERE.


PS If any of you know anyone who produces music, could you maybe shoot me a message? I’m looking for someone who can do original music for this film. O:


I did a couple of passes for this same shot. This one is a very short yet hard shot for me to do. 

My 1st pass is a very old take, and the early design of the character didn’t really have a focused direction - so it needed to be redone for sure. I realize he’s probably doing a bit too much for this scene; it being borderline over-acted.

The 2nd pass was definitely a lot more controlled, but I felt it lacked the intensity from the 1st pass. It was not dynamic enough, and the character felt like he wasn’t emotionally in the scene. It felt like he was just gliding to the poses, so it didn’t really have enough character to it. (Also, it’s evenly timed…)

The 3rd pass, I actually got advice and feedback from my friend Rune - who helped me figure out the poses. Draftsmanship and clear drawing are some of my wain weaknesses, so its always great to have someone else point out what causes the issues. Its pushed, yet more controlled and simplified. The gun leaving the screen as he swings adds a dynamism to the animation. It’s much snappier, for this being part of an action segment; it makes sense. I’ll have to come back and fix the drawing a bit so its a bit closer to the model of the 2nd, but I definitely learned a lot from re doing this shot a bunch. 


Here’s a breakdown video for a few scenes from “Big Hero 6”. I had so much fun making the last video, and received such positive feedback that I decided to make another:) This was a very challenging sequence for me and a lot of fun at the same time. Each shot in the sequence had a different workflow (stepped, splined, straight ahead, heavily referenced) all depending on what the shot needed. I learnt so much from the Supervisors and the Directors on this sequence, I feel so humbled and privileged every time I present my shots for feedback. It’s such a positive atmosphere and everyone in the room is truly trying to make the shot the best it can be. From Story-boarding to Editorial everyone involved is improving the shot, I especially loved watching effects and lighting work their magic in this sequence!

I’d love to hear feedback on what you’d be interested in seeing next, this was so much fun, I think I’ll do more.

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Thanks for watching!