animation 2014

Takatsugu Muramatsu

I bought the soundtrack for Studio Ghibli’s latest film, When Marnie Was There, in anticipation of its western release next month, and I have to say that it’s absolutely stunning. Muramatsu’s score is heartwarming, nostalgic, emotionally affecting, and lushly orchestrated; it’s the most beautiful listening experience I’ve had in some time. Studio Ghibli films always have lovely scores, but this one is so particularly soulful and enchanting that I feel compelled to share a bit of it with Tumblr. If you like what you hear, please buy this score! It’s available on the iTunes store and it’s an ethereal listening experience.


Weirdmageddon Designs: there’s actually quite a few more but tumblr only allows 10 spots and I wanted to show off the process.

First I know you tad strange fans are going to think you influenced the design of the compass/ruler. I designed him back in may 2014 (animation takes forever to get to audience). So I’m making it clear, I’m not influenced by the internet, I’m only influenced by artist who lived in the 40′s.

When I started on Gravity, Alex came by my desk and started flipping through my sketchbook. He kept saying “this is great, we can use this”, he then pitched me weirdmageddon and basically told me his plan to have me design everything crazy I could think of. So I actively started to squirrel aside ideas for it earlier in the season.

When I started on this Alex and Alonzo had ideas about what they liked and I tried to follow their notes and ideas. When asked to come up with my own stuff I thought demons. Pyronica was my idea of what Bill’s blue flame would personify. The Demon baby was something that had been floating around in my imagination for years and was a good fit for this. I remember having the most trouble with 8-ball. Alex just didn’t seem to gel on any ideas I came up with, but it came together through several back-and-forth design sessions. Alex will famously declare he doesn’t draw well, but he’s a huge liar and I think collaborating with him is pretty fun.

I’ll try to post some more soon.