animation 2013


In An Alternative Universe - Sapphic Animated Couples! <3

  • Movies used: Frozen, Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon II, Epic, Hotel Transylvania, Tinker Bell; The Secret of The Wings, Wreck-It Ralph, Inside Out, Megamind, Monster In Paris
  • Program used: Photoshop
  • Editing time per piece: 30min-1h
  • Want to compare with the original frame? Go HERE!

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Rise of The Triad (2013), Dual Pistols

-I forgot how cool the reloading animations in the Rise of The Triad 2013 remake are. The dual pistols reload is amazing. Throwing the clips up in the air and catching them is pretty awesome. Probably impossible. Couldn’t tell you. I’m not a physicist. I also love the way the slides are pulled back, one hand doing each one in a smooth and quick motion. What a great reloading animation. 

Tarch’s Old Fanarts - Day 3
Title: My first character animation!
Date: 14th August 2013

Just shortly after I got my hands on the dragon models, I went wild with experimenting with them. This is one of the very first tests with the Toothless model and rig! ;) And this also happens to be my very first character animation. Ever. (I sure have come a long way since then, heheh ^^)