animation (eventually)


stay classy, fangmeyer 

No for real though
Story time:

It was only when I started highschool I got into digital art snd eventually animation

And like i didn’t start posting on youtube till I was 14-15?

But it was also at this point no one really cared about my drawings irl like the novelty of a kid drawing birds had worn off and my parents didn’t care and my drawings were just a thing I did

I also had fallen into depression bc of a lot of bad things in my life and my thoughts were getting darker by the day

But then I saw that you could post animations on youtube (i think it was silverthepuppys videos i saw first bc id saw there stuff on a old website i was already a part of) and i thought “hey i make gifs and read warriors maybe i should do that!”

So I did

And then like I started getting responses from loads of people and you all actually like what I was doing and wanted to see it!

And i was so thrilled i just kept making stuff and like i went through so many tough times and even in my darkest hour (get it?) you guys were there, youve sent me encouragement, drawn me fan art of my characters and wanted to see more of my work.

You guys literally saved my life and i want you to all know that


A test animation I’m going to eventually finish, color, and effects to. I’ve been working on the Shard vs. Metal storyboard on the side. Getting real close to the BIG fight scene. Thought I  should study a ton of flight/fight animation from all kinds of shows. They’ve been quite useful so I’m putting it into practice.


a big… adrien/chat noir appreciation dump to follow up from the one i accidentally reblogged earlier today.. HAHA

from twitter! it’s rare that i draw THIS MUCH in one sitting so here u go -v-


Samezuka Shark Week 

Someone is a little bit too excited! ( ̄ε ̄@)

Shark Week is finally here and nothing could mess this week up for Rin–except maybe falling from his bed! How embarrassing… (o^▽^o) Sosuke better not breathe a word about this! (゚ロ゚)

Both dorks were late for their Samezuka Pool Party–bad hosts! (◕‿◕)

Click for a semi animation of rin falling off the bed. (¬‿¬ )



here it is guys….a lil trailer for my film!!!

spoiler: the title is not actually werewolf boyfriend