Happy Wednesday! I brought you a cartoon to celebrate babies!

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The Lost Short Animated Film Collaboration Of Walt Disney And Salvador Dali

Walt Disney and Salvador Dali were arguably two of the most famous and significant artists of the twentieth century. One could argue that the two sat on opposite sides of the spectrum: Disney created family-friendly animated cartoons, and Dali painted often disturbing surreal, fantastical images. But in the 1940s, the two creative powerhouses came together to collaborate on an animated short film, “Destino.”

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Artist Thijme Termaat Spent 2.5 Years Painting And Creating This Mesmerizing Timelapse

Dutch artist Thijme Termaat’s mesmerizing time-lapse called “I Paint” showcases the self-taught artist composing a large scale painting, which took him 2.5 years to create. The surreal and psychedelic piece is composed of several smaller pieces.

Using simple, stop-motion and time-lapse techniques, his short film contains absolutely no digital effects. Watch as the passion within his paintbrush unfolds within every second.

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We hit our first mid number stretch goal of $30,000! That’s insane! Anyone who has or will pledge $35 or more on the campaign will automatically receive this tote bag with their respected tier! Cool, right? The next stretch goal is $35,000, if we reach it we can produce the art of book as a snazzy hard cover! It will also have more pages and art! We have more rewards planned for the next mid number stretch goal. Please let us know if you have any suggestions about the rewards or add ons!

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