animater gif

Doing more fake boards stuff. Or fake short animatic in this case. I’ve always enjoyed the animatics that have so many drawings in them, they basically look like keyframes. One of my art goals is to be able to draw fast enough where I can pump out enough drawings to consistently do that when I board myself (Assuming the deadline isn’t insanely short). It’s part of why I’m trying to animate more since it helps me towards that goal. 

One of my other to-do list goals is to eventually practice special FX so they don’t just look like random blobs but actually have a sense of power and weight to them.

Also Battle for Mewni was very good. 

Spinning! I am still an amateur, self taught animator but I love making little animations like this, even if they’re so rough. I’m just practicing and trying to not focus on making it look perfect but rather just trying to get the movement down. Only 11 frames just me having fun ^.^

Miraculous Ladybug, of course XD