Day 108 #create365 - Physics Animated

For this next set I am going to focus on making animations of physics concepts – today: wavelength dependent index of refraction… a.k.a dispersion!

My background is rooted in math and physics and I also work as a math/physics tutor, so I’ve often though about animated examples in textbooks etc. Beyond animations of concepts, having interactive examples would be really helpful for students trying to learn and understand the concept.

While this is only a GIF, another piece of this project will be to get up and running in p5.js to create and post interactive sketches. I tried to port this one into processing.js quickly but, surprise, it didn’t like it. Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of time troubleshooting that, I am going to push forward with p5.js. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post them on Tumblr, but if I can’t, I’ll host them somewhere else and provide links.