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DEEP LOOK:  Sea Urchins Pull Themselves Inside Out to be Reborn

Every summer, millions of people head to the coast to soak up the sun and play in the waves. But they aren’t alone. Just beyond the crashing surf, hundreds of millions of tiny sea urchin larvae are also floating around, preparing for one of the most dramatic transformations in the animal kingdom.

Scientists along the Pacific coast are investigating how these microscopic ocean drifters, which look like tiny spaceships, find their way back home to the shoreline, where they attach themselves, grow into spiny creatures and live out a slow-moving life that often exceeds 100 years…

(read more: KQED Science - Deep Look)




a milestone in Glass Animals history: ED AND DREW DO AN INTERVIEW A L O N E 


I can’t believe I found this on Youtube, this Shin chan opening kept getting removed and it’s in pretty good quality. Watch this while you can.


I spent the past few days animating a small segment from The Mystery Kids
I gotta practice practice practice
also check out the Mystery Kids Official tumblr


Take a trip to the ‘90s through Owl City’s newly released animated music video for ‘Unbelievable’ feat. Hanson

The 90s-inspired animated music video takes you back to a time when you could spend hours playing with a Tiger handheld and stop at a gas station to get a Wonder Ball. The video perfectly fits the playful song and it’s nostalgic lyrics done with none other than Hanson, the band who released ‘90s hits like MMMBop.

Here are a few lyrics:

When I was a kid I dreamed of power wheels
Stayed up late watching action films
And I won’t lie, my friends and I
Were too legit to quit

When I was a kid I lived for climbing trees
Ate Dr. Pepper jelly beans
My favorite part of Jurassic Park
Was how real the raptors looked

When I was a kid I still had VHS
Watched Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff
Zack Morris owned the first cell phone
And it was off the hook

With an adorable, peppy VHS tape as the main protagonist, this video can’t go wrong. I can’t stop hitting the rewind button – oh, wait I mean replay.

What was your favorite part of the video? What was your favorite part of the ‘90s?