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Your face when you’re pondering the mysteries of the universe, while your shallow human just wants to play ball. 



i rly like the drawing so i was inspired to do the bare minimum of animation. its really edgy sorry


You know this video of the man stomping on his cockatoo’s round cage while the bird is screaming “FUCK FUCK ING FUCK YOU” and stuff like that?

I hate how people perceive that video to be the cockatoo getting mad at its owner for destroying its cage.

I just wanted to say that man is doing good for the world of birds. Round cages like that are terrible for birds. Birds like corners. They feel safest when they can huddle up against a corner and sleep so they can know what’s happening in front of them.

Also round cages of THAT SIZE  provide no space to move around in and clearly that man has probably rescued that bird from a life of neglect. With how the bird is constantly screaming “fuck”, it’s probably come from an abusive household since cockatoos tend to pick up on what their owners yell (because cockatoos themselves yell lots). In the full video, you can actually hear the man over the bird say “These cages shouldn’t even be in production” and it makes me so happy that he wouldn’t keep this bird in one of those cages.

In the full video above, he goes on to explain just how terrible round cages are for birds and bird development but unfortunately people cut the video down just for the humour of the bird screaming.

The bird clearly loves him and immediately calms down at the end and poofs up in a comfy way. You can also hear other birds in the background and while I don’t know who this man is (if anyone can find out please tell me), someone in the youtube comments section of the video says how he rescues birds and gives them huge flight areas in a large avian cage outside. With how many birds I hear in the background, I imagine that isn’t a lie.


World’s Largest Slug is Bigger, Slimier, and Way Cooler Than You’d Imagine


It still surprises me at how few people have seen Freak of the Week, and I love sharing it with friends because of the inevitable, “How the hell have I never seen this?” look of awe drawn out on their face.

And man, it really is gorgeous.

Directed by Juanjo Guarnido, it took the team about a year of hard work to hammer out this bloody masterpiece (which you can learn about in his video here) using a combination of 3D animation with the power of college interns  skill of a team of artists to painstakingly re-draw the 3D elements they wanted in 2D frame-by-frame, not to mention the post processing and… everything else.

 Even though it came out in 2014, it doesn’t seem to have ever garnered the attention it truly deserves.

I really wanna drive this point home, so to give you an idea, Ghost by Mystery Skulls, animated by MysteryBen27 has 18,147,263 views.  
Freak of the Week has only 2,271,121 views at the time I’m writing this.  That’s fucking depressing for something so … phenomenal.  I want more of this, and hell, maybe you do too.  But we’re not going to see anymore simply because the right people haven’t seen it.  In fact, it failed to reach a respectable level of Internet Popularity®, Juanjo himself even described it in the comments section as having ruined him because of how little attention it got.  

So if you’re reading this and you’ve got some connections with a TV network or something, consider pulling some strings to get this video spoon-fed to the masses, because people ought to see this.  I’m sure Juanjo would be all too happy to oblige.  And hell, if you wanna buy the art book, you can get the link here for about $50.

Now, maybe you recognize the former Disney animator Juanjo Guarnido for his other work: Blacksad.

Which is a comic set in the late 1950′s about a hardboiled private investigator published originally by Dark Horse Comics that does… y’know, the …

… noir investigator …

… aloof ladies man…

… badass …

… detective story thing.

That I haven’t yet read but I TOTALLY NEED TO.  


I guess I’m bringing up Freak of the Week because I was reading the comment section and, man, it kinda got me down.  

Some of the best things things out there just haven’t been seen by the right people, I guess.  But I suppose it’s also a depressing statement on the culture of the internet that the video makes.


Haikyuu!! Season 3 Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa PV. Set to air October 7!