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When I was in elementary school, I would wear a T-shirt with dolphins on it every day. Why? Because I was scared that being transgender would be all that I was. Being a young trans girl in a small town meant having to deal with bullying, harassment, and degradation from teachers and peers alike. Instead, I would rather be known as the kid who really liked dolphins. At least I wouldn’t get beat up because of it. After transitioning, I changed my style and knew that trans womanhood should be something that I’m proud of, not an identity that I should conceal from the world. Transness is a place of possibility for fashion, not something that should be hidden beneath it.

Reasons why Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper is a  seriously underappreciated animated movie:

–both the princess and the pauper are in situations that teach self-sacrifice for the good of others

–the plot is complex and has multiple angles that all work together really well

–the glittery, feminine blonde princess is a science nerd

–the princess and the pauper are instant BFFs

–the songs are cute and catchy, but are also important to the storyline

–the love stories are realistic; the princess is in love with her best friend/tutor who she’s known for years, and the pauper falls in love with the king from a neighboring country because of their shared interests and beliefs

–the villain is a flamboyant and obnoxious character who is so hilarious all by himself that you will honestly laugh out loud more than once

–there’s a street cat that barks

–the street cat that barks falls in love with the dainty, sassy feline from the castle

–the princess and the pauper never go anywhere without their pets, and the pets return the favor by helping them whenever they need it

–did I mention the songs?

–the villain’s henchmen are named Nick and Nack

–the king (the pauper’s love interest) likes disguises for no apparent reason

–the tutor (the princess’ love interest) saves the day, like, three times without expecting a reward 

–both the king and the tutor become bros in a single bonding moment as they simultaneously chase down the villain that tried to hurt their women

–all the main characters are interesting

–not only does the king refuse to believe the pauper is anything but good despite the evidence that she’s a criminal, but he also patiently waits for her for months while she’s living her dream of traveling the world, and then takes her back the moment she shows up at his front door because he’s faithful to her

–the princess breaks royal tradition by marrying the tutor, but also finds a way to secure the wealth of her kingdom first so that her people will be happy

–there’s a double wedding

–the pauper wears a choker with her wedding dress at the double wedding

–literally everything is girly; even the castle is pink

–the overall point of the whole movie is that you are special and beautiful, and that as long as you stay positive and support each other, everyone will get their happy ending

there are specially-animated outtakes during the credits

Trans people are expected to feel like we were “born in the wrong body.” In reality, many of us recognize that we were instead born in the wrong society. I certainly felt like some parts of my body were wrong for me. However, it wasn’t my whole body that was contrary to who I was and the feeling of dysphoria about my assigned sex didn’t mean that I - as a body - was “wrong.” Instead, we must imagine trans people as redoing gender in new, “right” ways: gender that is not assigned to sex, roles, or norms. We aren’t always correcting a mistake of our bodies but the mistakes of a cissexist society. This idea of “doing gender” can help us reconceptualize transness as a positive thing rather than something that has to be negative, harmful, or destructive. Our bodies are not wrong.


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Everyone, please reblog and lets give some Super-Wonderful support for this show. It deserves a second season. It’s got it all - fun, great characters, humor action and animation. A perfect show for young and old together. Cartoon Network has been very inconsistent re its schedule and times and this is not fair to a show that has just debuted.  It is a shame something this good doesn’t get a chance to shine.  Shout out some love!