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Hiya! Gosh, I loved your latest boom!sonamy animation, complete or not! I'm trying to learn some animating tips from a few hobbyist animators I know of like e-vay, who's already helped me a bunch. I was wondering how you get your 'popping' effect in your animations? Like I noticed the blinks look super cartooney, if that's the right term, and I love it. Think you could explain how you do that in a way I'd probably understand???

//oh galosh, im sorry for taking so long to respond ;v;

but erhem.. i’ll try and explain it <:D

for this example, i will be using searching-for-banana-flies’ inkling, “Blue”, because he’s too darn adorkable :3

^^so you wanna achieve this eye-bounce effect, yes? 

oki, well the way i do it, I of course start with the first frame of eyes and hold it for a few seconds, and then i redraw the first frame of the eyes to add that smooth little transition to the midblink.

now, when his eyes close, i redraw several more of the frames and hold the sixth frame for a few seconds again

Now here comes the stretch frame of his eyes! the frame after the stretch is slightly squished, and then i add one last frame to smoothen out the squash frame before it.

This small animation is 9 frames, but of course there’s more ways of animating the eyes, like the eye roll (for them sassy characters :3c )

just practice and you’ll get it in no time ^-^’’


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