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Max Litvinov, Birder Dash [Animated Short], 2014


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Oh Yoko!

There’s no big backstory behind this song, just a simple little piano track John dedicated to Yoko. It’s impossible not to smile when listening to the song. I just imagine them running through a field laughing when I hear this song. It stands up as one of John’s best love songs and shows off the intense love he had for Yoko. The song served as the closing track for Lennon’s 1971 album Imagine and it really leaves the album ending on such an upbeat and positive note.

If you like psychedelic art, you’ll want to watch the video I posted above. One of my favorite discoveries while writing these pieces was finding this amazing animated short film created by the Japanese artist Keiichi Tannami that this song inspired him to make. As a bonus, I’ve included footage from the recording sessions for the song where John gets agitated at a new engineer when he continuously cues up the wrong part of the song. John comes off as kind of an ass in the video but it’s an interesting document into the recording process of one of his sweetest songs.  


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Makeshift Satellite, is here!

I made it on my nights and weekends, and eventually finished it on a break from the animation industry. 

Show your friends! show your enemies! Just watch it!


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Like/Reblog if you'd like to see animated short films based off of Rise of Guardians?

Another curious question. I want to see just how many kids would like that.

Hey, if How To Train Your Dragon can get 2 animated short films then I’ll just sit here and wait patiently for the day when Rise of the Guardians gets short films too, am I right ROTG-ers and cracker jacks?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see animated shorts featuring your favourite characters from ROTG?

I also saw before on tumblr where fans were posting storyboarded short stories derived from the artists who worked on ROTG.

There was one depicting how Jack learned to fly by observing ducks flying South for the winter.

There was one featuring Sandy and the beginning of an interesting friendship with a small feline.

There was another one illustrating the backstory behind how Jack and Bunnymund met back in the Blizzard of ‘68?

How awesome would it be if Dreamworks created animated shorts of all those ideas?

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

So yeah, how many of you would love for that opportunity on your computer screens?



Oh my geez I have a mighty need for this to be a feature film by Dreamworks or Disney or something LOOK AT THIS. THIS IS THE EPITOME OF WHAT COULD BE FAMILY MOVIE OF THE YEAR WHY AREN’T WE FUNDING THIS?



We’re gonna make new short interstitials for ThadicalRadical’s “Invisible Family” collaboration! Contribute your ideas, illustrations, animations, music & more!


WRITERS: Write Text Records of adventures the Invisible Family - or its individual family members - can go on.

ILLUSTRATORS: Draw backgrounds and props for Text Records from the collaboration that you like - or remix existing illustrations from the site. Check out THIS ALBUM curated by Marke for additional references.

ANIMATORS: Animate short interstitials of the Invisible Family’s adventures.

MUSICIANS: Create jingles for the intro and outro of these Animations.

CURATORS: Make an Album of your favorite contributions to the collaboration.


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The Old Man of the Mountain (1933)

One of the three Betty Boop cartoons featuring music by Cab Calloway (the other two being Minnie the Moocher and Snow White). The plot and overall animation isn’t as interesting as the others, but it still does a good job in showcasing Cab’s music from beginning to end, including his remarkable scat singing :)


Hard to believe that out of all the short films on my little marathon, this is the one that I end up sharing.

(seriously, that ending just makes the whole video)


‘Wire Cutters’, A Short Animated Film About Two Robots Mining on a Desolate Planet and Fighting Over Minerals


Birds are well known for their intricate mating rituals and animal magnetism. Mr. Potoo, however, is not one of those birds. Can he win the ladybird of his dreams, or will he let his nerves get the better of him?!

- - -




my first animation, about a crush that was a best friend