animated self portrait


(PICTURES SHOW UP BLURRY FOR SOME REASON, CLICK FOR HIGHER QUALITY) I had an earlier post like this but decided to redo it to have a portfolio and more details.

The main things ill be doing are listed in the pictures but here are some things i’ll list right here that weren’t in the pictures:

Cleanly drawn picture: 3.00$
Cleanly drawn full body picture: 4.00$
(The additions listed for the sketches apply the same for these!)
Icons: 2.50$
I will draw animals and self portraits as well!
Anything nsfw is an extra 1$.
Anything specific you want can be adressed via messaging.
Payment will be done through paypal (ill message you my e-mail) and i will not work until payment is done.

Please signal boost as reblogging really helps!! Thank you anyone who is intrested!