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“If one day… you have someone that you like please tell me. Alright?”

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Rework of my Tianshan Day 4 Comic [Part 1]

This has been sitting in my drafts for a good few weeks now… ^^; I’m still not satisfied with how the next panel looks like– So instead of trying to fix it up like a normal person, I’ve been working on other stuff~ *whistles*

I have completed some of the other panels, but the story can’t continue until the 4th panel is done~ Hey, I just work in mysterious ways! 😂

Ah, I’m just gonna post it as it is now, and I’ll upload the rest at a later date! ;)



Here’s ONE idea I had.
Of course, Soranort can not recall ANY of his dreams when he wakes up.

Only in his dreams, is he self aware, even if it’s mildly.

He is constantly taunted about how pathetic he is, how he was never anyone’s first choice. How they would easily toss him aside if someone better was available, he’s a spare.

He’s constantly being broken down, and threaten his loved one.

Changed the dialog from Handwritten to TEXT.
Thanks Charlie (I’m glad I now know the name of that text)

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Bad End…?…
(some panels aren’t animated)

Based off this glitch I’m currently experiencing (I’m stuck on Yoosung’s Day 11 because every time V tries to introduce him to the party, it ends there ;__; Cheritz fix this please) Also featuring: Yandere!Yoosung  ❤

Special thanks to my fellow RFA friends for the help! @theizzypeasy, @candarella, @thecoolandspicyotaku!

  • other anime adaptations: we'll cut the filler to save some money and keep it interesting
  • jojo anime adaptation: we're going to animate absolutely every single panel in the manga and you're going to like it

i mobstucked

i call this one ‘Ritsu has a sweet tooth and makes massive mistakes’


animated sailor moon manga caps:
               > vol 9, act 44 - haruka casually crushing michiru’s fanboy’s hand


Some TFA characters I haven’t drawn yet. I’m shocked Jazz is among them, how have I not made anything with him yet, I love that guy!

Also, it’s such a pity Rodimus only had a cameo, his design is so delicious god I’m shallow but damn boy.