animated my icon

A tiny kissy from a tiny goop
just accept the kissy, it’ll make him happy

@dogiplier​ ‘s New Icon.

I was asked by Dogi to make her a new Icon so I did. I am going to be opening commissions for Icons if anyone is interested I’m just needing to figure out what PayPal account type to use (they only have Personal or Business accounts) anyways this was so much fun to make and thanks to Dogi for asking me to make her new icon :)

More information about Commissions will be posted soon. Have a wonderful day peeps.

Made a simple breathing animation of my updated icon.

This was intended to be an animated icon for my dA account but it doesn’t look that great compressed to 50x50 pixels so I think I’ll leave it as it is

;;OOC - ( Anyways - I finished that small ref for my take on Merformers Blitzwing. Open in new tab for better view! )

An animated Icon of Spark I made for my Deviantart.

This took 3 hours, I forgot how difficult it can be to draw in flash with that brush.

It’s been a while since I’ve animated but I think it came out okay, definitely more I can improve on.

Here’s the size for the icon that I’ll actually be using.

Pearl is adorkable


  • 677 rp icons (100x100) of Kazama Koharu under the cut
    • Age varies from five-six to pre-teen
    • Ethnicity: Japanese
    • Known for: The manga My Girl by Sahara Mizu
  • ctrl + f or command + f for positive, negative, and misc emotions
  • All are made by me. You can edit them to your liking, but please do not repost them or claim them as yours.
  • Please like or reblog if using

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👉 (for global users)
👉 (국내 링크)
my kakao animated icon pack is
now available for every global users!
제 그림을 카카오톡 이모티콘으로 만나보세요!

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