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Why does the Disney Princess franchise insist on making Cinderella’s dress blue? It was clearly silvery, sparkly grey in the original movie. 


get to know meme: favorite movies {5/5} » the hunchback of notre dame (1996)

see there the innocent blood you have spilt
on the steps of notre dame
now you would add this child’s blood to your guilt
on the steps of notre dame?

ID #20482

Name: Emma
Age: 16
Country: Ireland

Hey, I’m Emma.

Likes; All types of music. Movies (pretty much anything, bonus for horror, classic or comic-book) Overwatch, GTA, Skyrim, Art, Science, Astronomy/Space. I like reading and I write. Also shitty memes are my favorite. I love animals too.

Dislikes; Honestly not much? i’d like to think im pretty open? so just shitty people i guess?

Open to talking on pretty much any platform. Prefer to start over tumblr or some form of text.

Preferences: 15-18, gender unimportant. Not an asshole.

What she says: Im fine
What she means: Why isn’t Megamind a better rated movie? Megamind as a character shows so much potential and character development, and the movie portrays potentially good, superhero characters that have horrible morals that do questionable, sometimes horrible, things. Megamind shows the audience that not everyone who’s got the costume and cape is the Good Guy™, and not every villain is inherently bad. Megamind is just an overall fantastic movie and I’m disappointed it’s not as acclaimed as other animated movies.


Listen, Haku. I don’t remember it, but my mom told me… Once, when I was little, I fell into a river. She said they’d drained it and built things on top. But I’ve just remembered. The river was called… Its name was the Kohaku River. Your real name is Kohaku.

get to know me meme » animated movies  [1/5] » Spirited Away (2001)

Ask me | Movies and TV series
1. My favorite live-action movie
2. My favorite animated movie
3. My favorite Disney movie
4. A funny movie I would recommend
5. The scariest movie I ever watched
6. My favorite Tim Burton movie
7. The worst movie I ever watched
8. The movie I watched the most times (and how many times)
9. Ever watched a bollywood movie?
10. A non-American movie I recommend
11. My favorite movie ost
12. My favorite super-hero movie (can be live-action or animated)
13. My favorite Studio Ghibli movie
14. Last movie I watched in theaters
15. My favorite childhood movie
16. The saddest movie I ever watched
17. The weirdest movie I ever watched
18. A movie I watched with talking animals
19. Favorite movie series
20. Favorite movie that came out this year

21. A tv series/anime you want to watch again
22. The funniest tv series/anime you've watched
23. Your favorite tv series/anime intro
24. Your top 5 favorite tv series/animes
25. The last tv series/anime you watched
26. Fave american tv show
27. Fave anime
28. Fave cartoon (that is not japanese)
29. Fave american tv series of the year
30. Fave animes or/and cartoons of the year
31. Shows I am currently watching:
32. Shows I regret watching
33. Longest show I've watched
34. Any show(s) I've watched that start with the letter "A"?
35. Favorite actors from an american show:
36. Favorite anime characters:
37. Least favorite actors from an american show:
38. Least favorite anime characters:
39. My otps (from any kind of tv series):
40. Tv series or/and anime with the best official soundtrack:

Sailor Moon Meme Question 16:

Favourite Movie:


Like seriously I had to think hard to find a scene I haven’t already made a gif(set) of. I love this movie so, so, so, so much. I love this scene so, so, so, so much. I LOVE THE R MOVIE.

I mean, the R movie is okay I guess