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H:“You have hair!”

R:“Yes, I have hair,it’s good to see you to,”

H:“Sorry it’s just kinda weird…You have hair.”


Really Hal?

It been 10yrs and that’s all you have to say about seeing Razer again…it is rather nice hair.


That’s better.


“I can’t believe Aizawa-sensei allowed this.”

Izuku peers into the cage, resisting the urge to stick his finger through the bars. Beady, black eyes remain fixed on him as he moves his head left, right, up, and down. It’s a little unnerving, actually.

Iida stands beside him, crossing his arms with an overall perplexed look on his face. Not disapproving, but genuinely intrigued. “Are you sure Aizawa-sensei gave his permission? Usually schools don’t allow animals in the dorms…”

Uraraka nods her head several times. “Yup!” she says, skipping across her room to pick up a sheet of paper on her desk. “He signed it, my parents signed it–heck, Principal Nedzu signed it too!” She presses the sheet into Iida’s hands and he squints down at it, but all in all seems appeased.

The little creature sits motionless on its perch. Even when Izuku clicks his tongue at it, the bird does nothing–if anything, it seems to sit straighter and stiffer, green and yellow feathers smooth against its body and eyes perpetually unblinking. Izuku turns to Uraraka and, out of the corner of his eye, sees the parakeet flinch.

“Uraraka, he doesn’t look very comfortable here,” he says. Iida nods. Todoroki, who’s stood right next to Izuku the entire time, doesn’t say anything. In fact, he’s just like the bird–if not for the rise and fall of his chest, Izuku would’ve forgotten his presence.

Uraraka just hums, leaning down to the cage’s level. “That’s normal,” she answers, staring fixedly at the parakeet before she backs off, lowering her voice a volume or two. “These little guys get stressed out suuuuper easily, so it’s best to just leave him to get used to his cage before we start interacting with him.”

“Does it have a name?”

Todoroki surprises them all with the sound of his voice. He still hasn’t moved, no, but his eyes are focused on the cage and the animal within. When Izuku looks to Uraraka, who looks to Iida in turn, eyebrows raised, Todoroki asks again, “Have you named it, Uraraka?”

She regains herself. “Oh! Yeah,” she starts, absentmindedly raising her hands and making twirling motions with her index fingers. “I named him Zero! I think he’s a boy–but he’s just a baby, and you can’t really tell until the ceres–that’s their nose thing–change color as they grow. The place I got him from said he was a boy, though.” Her face lights up into a smile and she leans down again, voice a mere whisper, “Aren’t you a cutie, Zerocchi!”

“Zerocchi?” Todoroki raises a brow.

And Izuku stifles a snort. “Like Zero-G? Zero gravity?” When Uraraka nods, proud, he full on laughs, though careful not to startle the bird. “That’s awesome.” Then he whistles down at it, and the bird shakes itself, looking left and right before hopping to a farther perch in the corner of the cage. “Oh. I don’t think he liked that.”

“Like I said, just let him get used to–”

A sound. A strange squeaking sound. Uraraka freezes mid-speech and shares a wide-eyed look with Iida. Izuku holds his breath–those are kissing sounds. Todoroki is making kissing sounds to a bird.

And the bird, tilting its head, lets out a little chirp of its own.

Izuku exhales. “Wow.” He crouches closer to Todoroki, who continues to make the noise. The parakeet chirps even louder this time, hopping from perch to perch until it’s right in front of Todoroki’s face.

Uraraka whispers, “Now that’s totally not fair.” But it’s said in awe rather than resentment.

“You’re a natural, Todoroki!” Izuku says. He can’t help the amazed grin that finds its way onto his face. “Zero already likes you!”

The other boy, whose face now matches the left side of his hair, just nods. He stays where he is, though, watching the parakeet. Izuku’s heart swells with pride.

So Todoroki Shouto is good with birds. Izuku makes a mental note to add it to his notebook later.

so I’ve been feeling down and restless lately so I’m just going to be casually writing a little ficlet series about the heroaca kids and their encounters with animals at the dorms. just gonna tag it dorm animals mini series but in my head it’s the ‘wtf todoroki’s really good with animals??? series’ …and also, this one has no shipping but I’m pretty sure in later ones there’ll be obvious tododeku hints lmao

Part 2 [cats]

bransii  asked:

Hi! I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing n_n Could you do some headcanons on Seven, Yoosung, and Zen with an animator MC? Maybe with them trying to help her with her work with their own talents and whatnot? Thank you!

Awwww! boo … Those words are precious to me Thank you!


You came from art school very tired.You got home and throw your stuff on the floor, then you jump to the couch and then gave a big sigh.

-”What happened?” Seven said

-”Oh my god!” You jumped out of the couch from the big scared that seven give you.

-”…” He look at you surprised

-”I didn´t see you there” you said.

-He smiled and said “sorry”

-You sat again on the couch and then saw how your boyfriend sat next to you and stared at you

-”Are you ok?”

-”Kinda…” you were lying

- “Do you need a hug, HBC, a bath, a good joke, a bad joke, do you want me to show you my best memes?” he said very woride for you.

- “I think a hug just for now”

-He imminently took you into your favorite cuddle position “What happened?”

-You sigh “Is just that I have a project and I have to do an animation of a free topic”


-”but I have an art block and I don´t know what to do, plus The date of the presentation is getting closer and soon I have to deliver my work…I think I would do it of some cliche story”

-Seven got up and then came back with all your favorite thing (food, movies, games, books,etc.) and he shows you all the thing that he got

-”What’s all this?”

-”Defender of justice, come to rescue you from the evil villain called an ART Block”

You just laugh and open your arms waiting for him to left all the thing out of his hands and then to hug you.

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You past like 5 hrs. talking, doing your favorite things (not related to art) and obviously searching for memes.You were so happy to spend so much time with your boyfriend that lately you two don´t get BUT the out of nowhere he grabs you by the hand and takes you to one of his babies (cars).You question him but he just responds with a smile. 

In the car was just silence but a good one,He has grabbed your hand and kissing it from time to time.

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Then you arrived at your secret place.The place where you knew that animating was what you wanted to do…

-”why are we here?” you said.

-”Sometimes you have to remember where you come from…and then you will see te progress that you made…” 

-”thank you”


-”What you mean by saying that you are doing the NEW  LOLOL trailer animation ?!!” *Internal fangirl screaming* 

-”I´m saying that I´m doing LOLOL´s new trailer animation…”

-Yoosung is like:

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-”yoosung calm down!” you said to yoosung with a smile.He is so cute when he gets excited by something literally anything  LOLOL related.

-”Sorry…”He tried to calm down  “Can you show me?” He puts his puppy eyes(This little bastard knew that You are vulnerable to his puppy eyes)

-”I´m sorry but can´t..” You tried so hard to be strong 

-”Oww…It´s ok” Yoosung said and then the light of his eyes wear off and he looks down.

Puppy face < SAD puppy face 

-You can´t do this to this beautiful baby, Are you a monster or what? ”Well…” When you said that you could see Yoosung´s eyes started to glow up“A peek wouldn’t hurt, right?” You are so weak 

-He gives you a big smile accompanied with a big eyes full of sparkle and he proceeds to hug you and thank you.

He saw the bit of clip that you had *Breathe deeply*You were blindness by the cuteness of your boyfriend.It was like seeing a child watching a new episode of their favorite series (like pepa pig or my little pony or whatever these kids watch nowadays) 

He always was worried because sometimes you get too much into your work and you sometimes forget to eat.So what he does is.

  • Gives you food.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Back massages.
  • All that good stuff 


- “Hey! Zen…” you said with a little blush in your cheeks.

- “Yes..” he looks at you.

-”Do you remember that time I said that I had an Idea for a mini animated series…”

-”Of course”

-”Well …since I don´t have a big budget …I don´t have money for voice actors and I have 3 friends that will help me but I don´t have the main male actor voice…” 

-He knew where you were going so he immediately said ”I will do it.”

-”Are you sure? … I won´t pay you” you feel bad to not pay him because he is a good actor and he puts his heart to all of his work.

-”Mhm…What a bummer but maybe you can´t pay me with kisses” he looks at you with a smirk.

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-”Realy? and how many kisses would I have to give you?” You said with a naughty smile

-”Well,I´m a very busy actor.” He was getting closer to you “You know? so…It will be a very high number”  he then grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him. 

-”…” You just stared at him like What are you going to do you dirty man 

-”I think you should start now If you want to pay it all by this week…” he grab your chin in an attempted to kiss you

- But you place your finger in his soft lips and stop him from kissing you“First work and then I will pay you”

-”Ok…” He said with obvious sadness

-“Here is the mic and the script”

-”What? now?”

-”You want those kisses?” you said with a smirk in your face.


-”In the closet”


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-”I invested a ton of money on a good mic…” It was really good mic …ok?

Let´s goes say that your animated series got pretty viral and not just for Zen´s sexy and totally fuckable voice… 

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

I can’t get over how much I love @artsybanchou‘s Cupid AU.  The plot they described sounds like it’d make a really adorable animated mini series.  It also just demands soft shading and shoujo manga stylings.  I’m awful at both those things and am a poor excuse for a comic creator, but I hope you guys get a kick out of this anyway.  Also, go check out @artsybanchou‘s HA! stuff like YESTERDAY because it’s very cool!

Here come the Mighty Ducks, Burning up the ice.

One more duck themed cartoon. This one was the weirdest of all, and that’s saying something.

But since Halloween is coming up, let’s just say this post is relevant because one of the characters wears a hockey goalie mask, like Jason from Friday the 13th.

Yah. I’m going with that. :)



These hockey obsessed alien ducks from an alternate dimension, sigh, are Wildwing, Nosedive, Duke, Tanya, Mallory, Grin, and the evil Lord Dragaunus.

Ducks Rock!

Spamano: Zoo Imagines

✕ Antonio jumping up & down in front of the admission booth, being excited to see the monkeys (his favorite animal), & butting in the conversation his boyfriend is trying to have with an employee w/ “can we pet the monkeys??” “do you think i can get access to go inside their habitat???” “am i allowed to climb with them!?”

✕ Lovino looking at the hippos & getting real philosophical on how they have the most enjoyable life ever, are powerful, wise & how his spirit animal is the almighty mama hippo sleeping in its water bank

✕ When they see the desert tortoises, the Spaniard tries to take a selfie with them in the background, but when he takes the shot & looks at his camera roll, he’s sadden to see a middle finger there instead

✕ A security guard goes up to a loudly cursing Italian & asks if he’s okay, but is suddenly attacked by a panic ramble on how a gorilla fucking slammed it’s fist onto the window in front of him. Behind the distressed being was another man, rolling on the ground, laughing with tears in his eyes. turns out the gorilla was so done w/ the funny faces Lovino was making at it, that they went to violence for the answer

✕ The couple giggling & awwing together at a baby elephant trying to pick some leaves off a tree way too high for it’s trunk to grab

✕ One of the komodo dragons & Antonio having a staring contest & both simultaneously licking their lips, making his boyfriend real uncomfortable on how those two could have the same mind,but in different bodies

✕ Antonio running & yelling “MONKEYS” as he hears the smallest screech of a chimpanzee & Lovino searching through his bag to find his earplugs & sunglasses cause you bet your ass that he’s not going associate himself with that crazy man, who is at the moment going “oo oo ah ah!” at the habitat

✕ Both watching & enjoying themselves over two kangaroos fighting as if it’s the WWE Smackdown Finale. Who will win: John Cena or Rey Mysterio??

✕ Going to the petting area & being let down at the hatred they get from the clique of sheep. While the angry Italian chases down these stubborn rude ass animals, trying to feel their fleece as they run away, his partner starts realizing that this is the most left out he’s ever felt in any social event

✕ Ending the day with holding hands as they buy ice cream & two animal head hats from the gift shop; Antonio having a crossed eyed monkey & Lovino having a roaring hippo

Finished watching Over The Garden Wall the other day. This Cartoon Network’s animated mini-series (10 episodes) is jam packed with dark metaphors and symbolism. If you’re a fan of Adventure Times and Studio Ghibli movies type, this can be the one for you. OTGW offers strange and surreal illustrations without leaving behind the funnines, although I personally think that they’re targeting more matured audiences, hence the dark metaphors. Another plus is, they have enjoyable original soundtracks and some of them can be very addictive you find yourself singing to them all day!

PS: Above is the super-adorable kettle ‘elephant’ hat Gregory, one of two central characters along with his step-brother Wirt. That’s it, I’m not gonna explain. Look for it, it’s everywhere. Go watch it. I don’t care if I’m starting to sound like your mother. I’ve planned to shove this classic masterpiece down your throat, anyway.


I’m curious to discover “Les Fines Fleurs”, a new humoristic animated tv mini-series produced by french channel M6, starting in prime-time next month.

Created by comedian Michel Muller, with the voices of Chevallier & Laspales.

Animation by David Garcia (Jean Luc et Faipassa, Avez-vous deja vu), Julien Le Rolland (Lascars), and Autochenille Production (Le Chat du Rabbin, Aya de Yopougon).

Heya guys!

I’d like to get a small animated mini-series project going about our beloved Shepherds from Fire Emblem Awakening! The theme? How these crazies spend the holidays together (not just Christmas but other holidays as well)! This will be a fun, side-project where writers, animators, and voice actors get to collaborate and grab some material for their portfolio/demo-reel!

If you can, reblog this so other Fire Emblem fans can jump on in the fun cuz we’ve got a lot of characters to cover! Writers, Animators, and Voice Actors assemble!

PS: I’d like to do a Christmas one for this year but that may be too soon. Depends on you guys. :3


Today is Emily Bett Rickards’ birthday.
As any self-respecting CW-viewer knows, Rickards plays Felicity Smoak on The CW’s Arrow. As a key fixture in Arrow’s crime-fighting team, and a major love interest in Oliver Queen’s life, Rickards’ Smoak has gradually grown into a leading star throughout Arrow’s three seasons. She will return to the role later this year when Arrow season four premieres.
Rickards has also played Smoak on the CW’s other superhero series, The Flash. She will also voice the character in the upcoming Vixen animated mini-series, which takes place in Arrow and The Flash’s universe.
Born in Vancouver, Canada, Rickards turns 24 today. Happy Birthday, Emily Bett Rickards!
— (X)