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Female dragonflies crash-dive to their fake death to evade male harassment

  • Researcher Rassim Khelifa from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, witnessed a female dragonfly feign her own demise when being chased by a male dragonfly, according to New Scientist.
  • The female, a moorland hawker dragonfly, instantly plunged to the ground and remained still on her back until the male dragonfly was gone.
  • According to New Scientist, Khelifa observed this behavior in 27 out of 31 female dragonflies in an attempt to avoid being pursued by males, of which 21 were successful. Read more (4/27/17)

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  • Me: Wow, I'm so glad that I'm not attracted to animated guys anymore. That was a weird phase, haha. I think I've finally matured and am ready for a real relationship with a real man.
  • Also Me: But Nightwing from Young Justice. Shiro from Voltron. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not to mention-
  • Me: Shut your pie hole

We all know this government would never acknowledge the first human birth in 18 years from a fugee. A wanted fugee. Why don’t we explain to Mr. Faron what they do to immigrants in this country?

Children of Men (2006), Dir. Alfonso Cuarón | DoP Emmanuel Lubezki