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Masamune x Kyoichiro Twitter interview (3/3)

Shigezane: We’ve finally reached the last day! Kyoichiro reached out for Masamune’s eyepatch. Kojuro stopped him. What a disturbing development… Are interviews really supposed to be like this? Work hard, Masamune! Don’t lose!
Masamune: Shigezane, shut up.

Kojuro: Who are you, really?
Kyoichiro: I’m just a simple trader. …I have nothing to do with Ishikawa Goemon…
Masamune: ……you’re very fluffy.
Kojuro & Kyoichiro: !?

Kojuro: Lord Masamune, what on earth- A fox?
Kyoichiro: Raita! Did you follow me again?
Raita: Kon!
Masamune: I see, so you’re Raita. You have nice fur.
Raita: Kon kon!

Kyoichiro: Oh, it seems like you’re getting along well. Then it’s okay if you don’t come back to me, you know, Raita?
Raita: Kon……
Masamune: Ah……
Kyoichiro: What? I’m not going to be happy even if you cuddle up to me now.

Masamune: I guess I can’t win against his owner…
Kojuro: Lord Masamune, please pay it no mind…
Masamune & Kojuro & Kyoichiro: …!

Shigezane: Hey, hey, what’s this atmosphere? This is totally wrong! It shouldn’t be like this! Masamune, how can you throw the interview aside and play with Raita!?
Masamune: Ah, yeah…
Shigezane: Kyoichiro is finally showing his tsundere side, so you have to comment on that!!

Kyoichiro: Hang on a minute, I’m not a tsundere…
Shigezane: There we have it! That response in itself is tsundere!
Masamune: I’m glad. It seems that your hidden side has been exposed.
Kojuro: As expected of you, Lord Masamune.

Shigezane: No, no, no, it was all thanks to me, right!?
Masamune & Kojuro & Kyoichiro: How so?
Shigezane: Fine, already… But can you at least wrap up properly? Masamune, Kyoichiro!

Masamune: It’s been decided that my sequel route will have voice lines added to it. I want you to hear my thoughts and feelings… I’ll be waiting.
Kyoichiro: It seems that my route is finally going to be released. My secrets can’t be unraveled by someone as terrible at it as Masamune, but if you want to know, come to me.