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the signs based on people I know

Aries: adorable, likes Star Wars, laughs a lot, knows interesting yet pointless stuff, likes people, always annoyingly happy, has an ‘idgaf’ attitude but they actually really care a lot

Taurus: loves Star Wars, loves food but quite fussy, loves sleep but never sleeps, thinks everyone hates them, likes performing arts, usually sad, will fight you

Gemini: a good sense of humour, can act like an idiot, good with kids, literally doesn’t give a shit about anything, acts like they’ll fight you but they won’t

Cancer: can be a dick, annoyingly intelligent, gets sad often but doesn’t show it, has a love/hate relationship with cats, doesn’t really have any people skills but loved by lots of people, you’ll beat them in a fight

Leo: creative and lovely, a really good friend, loyal, loves people and animals, fan of YouTube and focuses on dreams often, can often be very crazy, will try and fight you but will fail

Virgo: so lovely, will always support you and stick by you to give you advice when you need it, very lively, can be slow to reply to messages, very funny, probably a Star Trek fan, highly likely to fight you

Libra: very very loud, might need earmuffs. Is awesome but can also be an asshole, doesn’t stay mad for long and is usually happy but when they’re sad you’ll always know, will definitely fight you, you’ll wish they had an off switch

Scorpio: can be uptight but mostly pretty chill, will keep your secrets and knows when you’re lying, mostly loud but knows when to be quiet, lovely and loving but get upset easily, won’t fight you

Sagittarius: smart, cute, liked by everyone, either very loud or very quiet no in between, knows exactly what to say, laughs a lot, unlikely to fight you

Capricorn: likes being rewarded, can be lazy, likes animals, junk food, probably won’t fight you, very selective about friends, kind but doesn’t like sharing, gets angry easily, antisocial as fuck, no people skills, always have good intentions

Aquarius: cute as hell, loves puns, very lively and loves people, smart but hides it, awesome people skills, likes most things, may fight you, secretly a mouse

Pisces: very empathetic and sympathetic, loves people and just wants to be kind, loud and funny, really supportive, sometimes scared to do stuff that most people find easy, won’t ever fight you they’re too nice


So Lent is finally over, and I can finally eat meat again


Alright! starting off the weekend with a brand new video!

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